Fiber optic cables are a type of telecommunications cable that uses light to transmit signals and networks. Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional copper cables, fiber optic cables help transmit signals over longer distances with high transmission speeds. Thanks to their ability to transmit signals over long distances, fiber optic cables are widely used in Internet transmission systems.

The role of information technology in human life cannot be denied, especially in contributing to economic development, not only for the industrial sector but also for all other industries and fields. The Internet helps solve all issues easily and quickly, such as data storage, information search, buying and selling, entertainment, etc. To install the Internet, people use fiber optic cables and transmission conductors, which are fiber optic cables.

In this age of explosive Internet growth and the relentless development of information technology, fiber optic cables are an essential part. Understanding the importance of fiber optic cables, we, at HELUKABEL, along with our team of experienced engineers, research and manufacture high-quality fiber optic cable products that transmit data quickly with high durability.

At HELUKABEL, we not only provide fiber optic cable products but also offer control cables, signal cables, Ethernet cables, and specialized cable accessories. Our products meet quality certification standards such as German national certifications (VDE) and 16 other international certifications (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, NEMKO, CSA, IMQ, BSI, CCC, DEMKO, CE, CEB, HAR, TÜV, ...).

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You can refer to some types of electrical cable products that we provide for each specific group below.

1. Indoor fiber optic cable

This type of cable is used for electrical systems inside the house, suitable for transmitting data and installation for cases that do not require strict waterproofing requirements.

2. Multi-purpose optical cable

This is a type of cable that is UV-resistant and has a non-metallic protective layer to protect against rodents, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor projects.

3. Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

This type of fiber optic cable has a strong structure capable of protecting the inner fibers to withstand the impact of the external environment such as temperature, light, and ultraviolet rays.

4. Aerial cable

The Aerial cable is designed for free-hanging installation applications on power poles. The cable is characterized by being installed above ground with suspension racks or poles, so many businesses choose it because it is less expensive than underground cables and can save more space.

5. GOF mobile fiber optic cable

The GOF mobile fiber optic cable is widely used in broadcasting, television, and events. The protective layer of the cable is tightly fixed with aramid braided wire, making it particularly suitable for use in mobile signal transmission.

6. GOF Industrial Fiber Optic Cable

With a very sturdy and flexible design, this product is used anywhere with harsh environmental conditions. The tight buffer structure allows the cable to be easily assembled on-site and applied in various industrial sectors. GOF (Glass Optical Fiber) has high bandwidth, low attenuation, and good resistance to impacts.

7. PROFIBUS + PROFInet Fiber Optic Cable (breakout)

This type of fiber optic cable contains multiple fibers, each with its own protective layer, and then they are all wrapped together. Therefore, the cable can be easily divided into single fiber lines for suitable applications.

8. HCS industrial fiber optic cable

This type of cable is suitable for fixed installations and for applications with normal and heavy mechanical requirements, such as in industrial environments.

9. Industrial POF Fiber Optic Cable

POF fiber cable has plastic optical fibers mainly used for data transmission in home networks and industries. POF cable transmits data through light and is not affected by electromagnetic fields.