Cables, Wires & Accessories for the Mining Industry

Mining Industry is one of the heavy industries whose outputs serve as the foundation for nearly all manufacturing sectors all around the world. It generally involves locating, excavating, and processing metals, minerals, and other geological resources that are the backbone of most industries.

Due to harsh working conditions, special mining cables with high quality standards are required for the use of power, control, and monitor mining equipment in mines and quarries. Those cables are especially robust and all-weather resistant to withstand roughest operations in mining. Particularly, since Mining Industry inevitably involves safety hazards, premium quality and performance testing certificates are applied to materials used in mining processes.

At HELUKABEL, we offer optimal solutions for mining applications with cables that are suitable for outdoor installation in dry, damp and wet places as well in the open air. The range of mining cables includes fixed and flexible cables with (N)TSCGEWÖU product line with operating voltages maximum up to 24kV.

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