Data cables are primarily used to transmit data and information accurately and stably from the sender to the receiver. The cable is designed to be sturdy with a special structure for data transmission function, used in network systems, especially in the fields of television transmission, security and surveillance systems.

One of the long-term partners of many industries in the production and supply of quality control cables, signal cables, and accessories is HELUKABEL from the Federal Republic of Germany.

With over 40 years in the market, HELUKABEL continues to research and develop to achieve even greater achievements in the future. We aim to find new solutions based on market trends and new technologies to provide quality products that meet customer needs.

With a portfolio of over 33,000 products and a team of experienced engineers and experts, we will help you analyze the project and select the appropriate products for each industry. In addition, we are also willing to listen to customer issues and requirements to research and produce corresponding electrical cable products suitable for each project.

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You can refer to some types of electrical cable products that we provide for each specific group below.

1. Data cables

Function to transmit data from the source to the output device, transmit information between multiple computers, so data cables play an important role in any computer system, especially in management computer systems in manufacturing plants.

2. Halogen-free data cable

Halogen-free data cable is suitable for buildings or projects with high population density such as office buildings, apartment buildings, transportation systems, and industrial plants. Halogen-free cable does not produce toxic smoke in the event of a fire, which helps to minimize harm to human health and protect valuable assets.

3. Instrumentation and Computer Cables

Equipment cables and computer cables play an important role in data processing and ensuring the seamless operation of the entire system. These products can be installed in wet places, in open spaces...

4. Industrial electronic cables

Industrial electrical cables are capable of transmitting large currents, so they are mainly used in industrial plants, construction projects with high electricity consumption. In addition, industrial electrical cables are specially designed with multiple protective layers to meet the requirements of stable operation in harsh operating conditions from the production environment such as humidity, temperature, chemicals...

5. Compensation and Sensor Cables

Thermocouple and sensor cables help optimize the transmission of signals/data from sensors, converters, or transmitters to control devices. Thermocouple cables are used as temperature signals from various types of sensors and are very common in the industrial sector.

6. Ribbon Cables

Ribbon Cables are arranged in a strip, suitable for applications with limited space, especially this type of electrical cable solves the problem of weight in design thanks to its compact and lightweight characteristics