Drag chains play a protective role for cables and flexible pipes, ensuring easy and safe operation of machinery. The product is essential in the production and transportation lines of manufacturing businesses, factories, and small to medium-sized enterprises implementing automation.

There are two types of drag chains, which are steel and plastic drag chains, suitable for specific requirements. Steel drag chains are made of materials with high wear resistance and high strength, so they are durable and operate well in harsh conditions such as mining, smelting, or oil production. Some types of machinery that use steel cable chains include casting furnaces, steel structure equipment, machine tools, oil drilling rigs, etc.

Plastic drag chains have the ability to withstand high temperatures, good electrical insulation, and anti-friction between wires when machines operate continuously, making production movements smoother. In addition, plastic cable chains are lightweight and easy to package, transport, install, and remove. This product is widely used in CNC machines, laser engraving machines, electronic equipment manufacturing, the automotive industry, etc.

When it comes to the manufacturer who is specializing in the production and supply of cable chains, EKD Systems is a reliable partner with over 50 years of experience and is currently a subsidiary of HELUKABEL Group - a long-standing brand for electrical cables, control cables, and signal cables in Germany.

EKD Systems is a drag chains manufacturer, established in 1970. EKD Systems offers many types of cable carriers to the market, including two main types: steel and plastic cable carriers. Both product lines meet international standards and are suitable for many industries. In particular, HELUKABEL's subsidiary also specializes in producing specialized products such as connectors or support sets for all applications.

The EKD Systems always supports customers in choosing products, assembling, and testing on-site. In particular, EKD Systems not only manufactures standard steel and plastic drag chain products but also customizes products to meet specific customer requirements.

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