For large construction projects or industrial fields, control cables and signal cables are indispensable components. Founded in 1978 in Germany, HELUKABEL constantly innovates and develops product lines of control cables, signal cables and cable accessories to meet market requirements with optimal solutions for industries.

General information about control cables

Control cables and signal cables are used to transmit data and signals between devices that are far apart. However, with the harsh environmental and temperature conditions of the industries, specially designed control and signal cables are highly durable and able to withstand environmental impacts.

Technical structure of control cable

The technical structure of the control cable usually includes the following main components:

Conductor core:

This is the main component of the control cable, which has the function of transmitting control signals. Conductors are usually made of aluminum or aluminum and can have one or more cores depending on the usage requirements.


Insulators are used to provide insulation between different conductive cores and between the conductive core and other coverings. Commonly used materials are PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), PE (Polyethylene) or XLPE (Cross-linked polyethylene).

Core grafting:

Core coupling reduces intrinsic interference and provides a solid structure for the cable. Conductor cores are usually coupled in twisted pair or quad twisted structures.

Sheath layer:

Common materials used for this layer can be PVC or XLPE. This layer ensures that there is no electrical interaction between the conductive core and other encapsulation materials.

Control cable at HELUKABEL

At HELUKABEL, we provide a comprehensive electrical connection solution with a series of control cables that meet technical requirements such as: anti-interference, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and microbiological resistance. object…

Furthermore, during the manufacturing process, our products are up to the standard of rigorous quality tests, conducted according to national and international standards. German national certifications (VDE) and 16 other international certifications such as (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, NEMKO, CSA, IMQ, BSI, CCC, DEMKO, CE, CEB, HAR, TÜV, etc.) ).

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You can refer to some types of electrical cable products that we provide in each specific group below.

1. PVC Control and Connection Cables

This is a very popular cable in many industries thanks to its stable insulation, water resistance, flexibility, and durability. PVC material of this cable line is popular and popular in the market.

Find out more the products:

2. Control cable, signal cable PUR and TPE

PUR power cables are increasingly important in the cable industry because they do not contain halogens when a fire occurs, helping to ensure the safety of human life. Besides, this cable line has strong durability, less abrasion and ensures flexibility.

TPE power cables are mainly used in harsh conditions such as chemical environments or high temperatures.

Products in this line include:

3. Halogen-free signal and control cables

Besides the requirements for excellent electrical and thermal insulation ability, the plus point of this product line is that it does not contain halogens, which reduces the risk of loss of life and property in fires. (Halogen is a substance that, when burned, produces a toxic gas.)

Products in this line include:

4. Silicone signal and control cables

Silicone cable has the characteristics of heat-resistance, chemical-resistance, water-resistance and flexibility. HELUKABEL silicone power cables are widely applied in many industries, especially those requiring high temperatures such as steel manufacturing industry.

Products in this line include:

5. Rubber signal and control cables

Rubber power cable (rubber) is safe with good insulation, so it is often used in households, factories, factories, offices, companies... This cable line can withstand the impact of the environment.

Products in this line include:

6. IS signal and control cables

IS (IS: Intrinsically Safe) signal and control cable is a connection and control cable for safe rooms. This line of cables is used in hazardous areas to help eliminate fire hazards and protect cables from UV rays as well as weather.

Products in this line include:

7. Control and signal cables for drag chains

This type of cable is suitable for application in machine parts that are constantly in motion, such as industrial robots, packaging machines, machine tools, drag chains and automation systems. The products have a special structure with the ability to withstand high mechanical stress, limit damage and ensure stable power transmission.

Products in this line include:

8. Control cables, signal cables resistant to bio-oil and microorganisms

This is a bio-oil resistant, eco-friendly, and abrasion resistant cable. There are common applications in biofuel plants or areas requiring hygiene and safety such as the F&B industry.

Products in this line include: