To contribute to the completion and safety of the electrical system, cable accessories are an indispensable part. Cable accessories are the general name of several items including protective tubes, drag chains, cable connectors, cable installation accessories, cable marking accessories, couplings, and cable fasteners...

Cable accessories play a role in enhancing the durability of the cable, creating a protective barrier to help the cable operate stably and minimizing the possibility of corrosion and oxidation in harsh installation environments. At the same time, the connections in the electrical system will ensure safety, and avoid short circuits thanks to cable fasteners or specialized cable connectors.

Established since 1978, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, have many years of experience in researching and producing electrical cables, cable accessories, and drag chains... Our products undergo strict quality control and meet international standards. At the same time, with outstanding features such as water resistance, dust resistance, and customizable technical specifications according to project requirements, HELUKABEL products are always the optimal solution for your project.

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You can refer to some types of products that we provide for specific groups below.

1. Protective pipe system

The protective pipe system is a type of tube that functions to protect the surface of electrical cables. Protective pipes can be made from various materials including copper, steel, plastic, alloys, or some other types of different metals. Thanks to this, the electrical cable system will be protected from environmental impacts such as temperature and humidity. Especially when installed in areas in direct contact with oil, chemicals, etc., the electrical cables still ensure stable operation.

2. Drag chains

Drag chains or cable chains, also known as cable carriers, protect control and signal cables from damage during continuous movement. Cable chains play an important role in control technology and power transmission applications, helping cables move quickly and frequently without compromising their quality. Cable chains are divided into two types:

3. Cable protection accessories

Cable protection accessories include accessories that have anti-interference function, protect the cable from external environmental impacts, help it operate stably, transmit information consistently and accurately. Cable protection accessories can be made of various materials such as polyester, silicon, PVC and are woven into tubes that cover the cable surface.

4. Cable connector accessories

Cable connector accessories are used to connect telecommunications cable connectors and branch them out. Types of cable connector accessories include:

5 .Cable construction accessories

Cable construction accessories include plastic helix, velcro ties, cable ties, and cable mounting brackets. The plastic helix is made of polyethylene plastic with the function of wrapping and protecting the conductive wires, providing mechanical protection for loose or moving cables and wires.

6. Cable marking accessories

Cable marking accessories are used to mark important points of the cable. It is widely applied in the installation process, serving the repair and maintenance of electrical cables.

7. MC4 cable connector

The MC4 cable connector is a commonly used product for connecting electrical cables, especially cables in photovoltaic systems. This connector has a specific function of ensuring stable and accurate signal transmission, avoiding circuit breakage or reducing the efficiency of the electrical system.

8. Shielded cable connector

The shielded cable connector serves as an intermediary to transmit signals, including network and electrical signals, between the transmission line and the end devices. The shielded cable connector is specially designed to minimize the risk of dangerous disconnections and prevent signal interference and leakage during system operation.