Multi-core cable with many copper conductors is popularly used not only for electrical conduction but also for its outstanding advantages. For example, multi-core cables will make it easier to connect wire segments, especially in the space of offices and buildings where device connections occur frequently. In addition, with its flexible nature, multi-core cables can be easily bent and conduct electricity and heat more efficiently.

Meanwhile, single-core cable is a type of electrical cable with one conducting core and is widely used in civil electricity systems, companies, and commercial centers. The single-core cable is responsible for transmitting wireless signals such as computer network connections, television cables, power supplies between wireless receivers and antennas, and more.

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You can refer to some types of electrical cables that we provide in each specific group below.

1. Multi-core cable, PVC single-core cable

Multi-core cables or PVC single-core cables have the ability to resist corrosion, impact, and environmental factors such as weather or chemicals. This material is commonly used in industrial and civil electrical systems.

2. Multi-core cable, Single-core PUR cable

The Single-core PUR cable is cold-resistant, halogen-free, suitable for installation in switch cabinets, cable clusters, and electronic devices.

Products in this line include:

3. Multi-core cable, single-core silicon cable

Single-core cables are adaptable to low-temperature areas. They are mainly used in steel manufacturing industries, aviation industries, shipyards, cement, glass, and ceramics factories.

4. Multi-core cable, single-core rubber cable

Made from high-quality natural rubber, multi-core and single-core cables have good electrical conductivity, can withstand moisture, and are widely used in many industries (mining, shipping, etc.)

5. Multi-core cables and single-core cables without halogens

Halogens are the cause of toxic gas production in case of fire, which can harm human health. Electric cables without halogens are preferred for projects that require high safety standards in case of fire or explosion.

6. Multi-core cable, single-core cable with high temperature resistance

With the feature of withstanding high temperature, this type of cable is widely used in industrial machinery production or used for devices with high temperature such as ovens, dryers, boilers...

7. Multi-core cables, specialized single-core cables used in machinery and applications that require continuous movement with high frequency.

This type of cable is halogen-free and specially designed for cable chains.

Products in this line include:

8. Grounding Wire

The most important benefit of a grounding wire is to eliminate current leakage from devices during operation, ensuring safety for people from electrical incidents.

The products in this category include: