In industries, besides the importance of electric cable products, cable accessories are also considered essential products to contribute to ensuring the stability of the signal transmission process. Moreover, the use of cable accessories corresponding to the electric cable will protect the quality of the cable, limiting the problems such as short-circuit or fluttering signals in the electrical system.

At HELUKABEL, we provide a variety of cable accessories to support customers with comprehensive solutions for the project's electrical system. With a portfolio of more than 33,000 control cable products and cable accessories, we have many choices for customers for each specific requirement in different fields.

With a modern production line and our experienced engineers, the process of producing cable accessories ensures meticulousness in each stage, to bring products of quality standards in Europe to consumers. Some of the cable accessories that we, HELUKABEL are providing include Cable glands, Connectors, DC connectors, and specialized accessories in the installation and construction of electrical systems, etc, all products will be your powerful assistant in the process of completing the electrical connection system of the factory or large projects.

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