Spiral cable is a type of cable that can be extended to any length depending on usage needs and can easily return to its original position. The advantage of spiral cable lies in its flexibility in length while not damaging the conductive wire inside. Therefore, spiral cable is an effective solution for connecting with freely moving parts and objects.

Spiral cable is widely used in lifting machines, electrical equipment, especially in the telecommunications industry. Spiral cable is also a worthwhile investment if your business operates in mechanical, automotive and manufacturing industries. In production environment conditions, spiral cable has a protective casing that is waterproof and oil resistant, can withstand low to high temperatures and still operate effectively.

Overall, spiral cable is an essential part of operating machinery, factories or mechanical industries. Its flexibility and high quality are the reasons why they are widely used in households and organizations.

There are many units and organizations supplying and distributing spiral cable with various diverse types in the market, which requires businesses to be strict in choosing a reputable brand to ensure efficiency and safety for the project. If you are also looking for quality spiral cable products for your project, you can refer to the HELUKABEL brand from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Established in Germany since 1978 and being a brand for control cables, signal cables, HELUKABEL always prioritizes product quality and customer satisfaction to constantly research and develop more optimal solutions.

We guarantee that our products undergo strict quality inspection processes, ensuring that the cost you spend is worth the operating performance, surface quality and safety that HELUKABEL products bring. Some certifications we have achieved include: national certifications of Germany (VDE) and 16 international certifications such as (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, NEMKO, CSA, IMQ, BSI, CCC, DEMKO, CE, CEB, HAR, TÜV, ...).

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You can refer to some types of products that we provide for each specific group below.


PVC spiral cable has a lower cost compared to other types of cables. With flexibility, high durability, insulation, fire resistance and long lifespan, PVC spiral cable will help save investment costs for you. Suitable products for use in light industry, lighting technology, computers or telecommunications.

Products in this line include:


PUR spiral cable is flexible, capable of withstanding high loads under strong impact and can return to its original shape, anti-wear as well as strong impact resistance. Along with waterproof, oil-resistant, low and high temperature resistance, PUR spiral cable is popular for indoor and outdoor projects.

PUR spiral cable can be applied to various fields including machine manufacturing, construction industry, electrical equipment, rolling doors, entertainment equipment, measurement equipment ... The cost of PUR spiral cable is also higher than that of PVC spiral cable.