Both communication cables and audio cables have the function of transmitting signals between the source device and the receiving device. To ensure the smooth operation of the system, the quality of the communication cable or audio cable plays an important role because it is related to the process of transmitting data and the strength of the signal. Therefore, choosing the right type of cable that is good and appropriate will help the signal to be transmitted accurately and stably, avoiding issues such as noise or signal loss.

If you are looking for a specialized unit that produces communication and audio cables for indoor and outdoor projects, HELUKABEL, with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying electrical cables in the communication sector, will provide a diverse range of products with specialized features.

HELUKABEL was founded in 1978 in Germany and is a well-established and reputable brand of control and signal cables. To date, we have worked with and provided solutions for many businesses, factories, and offices in over 39 countries worldwide, contributing to the development of industrial manufacturing sectors.

From programs within radio stations, and recording studios to large theaters and music stages, signal cables, audio cables, data cables, and noise prevention cables meet standards and technical requirements for stable signal transmission on stage. Brands such as HELUSOUND®, HELULIGHT®, and HELUEVENT® provide reliable sound quality, explosive light effects, and perfect image quality.

In order to bring high-quality products, we and our team of experts continuously search, research, and apply technological trends to production. In addition, we particularly focus on ensuring that product quality testing is conducted according to national and international standards. National certifications from Germany (VDE) and 16 other international certifications such as (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, NEMKO, CSA, IMQ, BSI, CCC, DEMKO, CE, CEB, HAR, TÜV, ...) are obtained.

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You can refer to some types of electrical cables that we provide according to the specific groups below.

1. Audio signal cable

The cable used for audio systems must have high anti-interference ability and good copper material to ensure accurate signal transmission. In addition, you need to calculate the size and length of the cable to achieve sound quality according to the standard.

Thanks to its high durability, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, and good insulation ability, HELUKABEL audio cable reduces the risk of fire and is widely used in various fields of life.

Products in this line include:

  • Audio cables with braided screen
  • Audio cables, multicore with braided screen
  • Audio cables with foil screen, single pair
  • Audio cables, multipaired with foil screen
  • Audio cables, multipaired, spirally screened pairs and overall braided screen
  • Digital audio cables AES/EBU, single pair with spiral screen
  • Digital audio cables AES/EBU, single pair with foil/braided screen
  • Digital audio cables AES/EBU, multipaired, pair and overall foil screen
  • Digital audio cables AES/EBU, multipaired, pair and overall foil screen, halogen-free
  • Speaker cables, twin cores
  • Speaker cables, round
  • Speaker cables HELUSOUND® 500 PUR
  • Speaker cables HELUSOUND® 600 FRNC, halogen-free
  • Speaker cables, coaxial
  • Speaker cables, preassembled

2. Light signal cable

The light signal cable helps to transmit signals from control devices, DMX desks, and signal amplifiers to functional devices, color lights, stage rotating lights. The light signal cable is an indispensable part of the sound and light system for stage music projects, outdoor events, weddings, bars, etc.

High-quality signal cables are wrapped in durable rubber layers, which are able to withstand compression, heat, moisture, and impact well. In this way, the quality of the signal passing through the cable is ensured, limiting noise or interruptions that affect the process of controlling devices.

Products in this line include:

  • AES/EBU & DMX-cable patch
  • AES/EBU & DMX-cable
  • AES/EBU TP DMX 512
  • DMX-POWER 1 x 2 x 0,25
  • AES/EBU / DMX 512, preassembled

3. Video signal cable, LED screen

Video cable is used to transmit video signals, including monochrome, composite, and component video signals. The accompanying devices are video cards, cameras, screens, servers, channel aggregators, digital video recorders (DVRs)...

Products in this line include:

  • Video cable, single core
  • Video cable, multicore
  • Camera cable
  • Video cable, preassembled