Electrical cables are one of the familiar products in our life, and are especially indispensable in industries. Electrical cables are small products but play an important role to ensure the stability of the signal throughout the factory's production system. Understanding the importance of electrical connection devices, at HELUKABEL, we have been constantly improving to bring quality control cables, data, and signal cables to serve customers in industries worldwide.

HELUKABEL Group was established in 1978 in Germany, one of the world's leading countries in engineering and technology sectors. With the mission of bringing sustainable values to customers, the electrical cables and cable accessories provided by us, HELUKABEL undergoes rigorous testing and quality control, meeting the standards. International standards such as UL, TUV, VDE, etc, ensure the stability and durability of the product during use.

Besides control cables, data cables, and signal cables, we also provide fiber optic cables, single-core and single-core cables, spiral cables, twisted pair cables, and coaxial cables or cables for Motor, Sever, Feedback applications, and especially custom solutions.

For some specific industries, which have special requirements on the specifications of the power cables to match the installation environment conditions, we, HELUKABEL, are still ready to support customers to customize products according to their requirements. Furthermore, with a portfolio of more than 33.000 products, we can quickly customize technical requirements based on product availability.

Please call +84 28 77755578 or email us to info@helukabel.com.vn or register for a consultation using the form below for a free consultation on control cables, signal cables, etc with our engineers.

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