Cables, Wires & Accessories for Port Infrastructure

There are approximately 835 active seaports and inland ports of various sizes in the world

At present, there are approximately 835 active seaports and inland ports of various sizes in the world that are responsible for most of the international trade. Those ports are significant drivers of the economy of many countries and play an indispensable role in Logistics operation.

As a matter of fact, the success of those ports is heavily reliant on the Port Infrastructure which requires premium quality materials to ensure excellent operation in a harsh working environment. The cables used in Port Infrastructure are generally Trailing and Reeling cables that are usually utilized for applications with high mechanical stress, frequent winding and unwinding and with simultaneous tensile and torsional stress. In addition, they are also applied to building machinery, conveyors, shifts and cranes. The outstanding features as robust and all-weather resistant enable these cables to withstand roughest operations in port and flexible handling equipment.

At HELUKABEL, we offer optimal solutions for Port Infrastructure with cables that are suitable for outdoor installation in dry, damp and wet places as well in the open air. The range of products includes fixed and flexible cables with (N)TSCGEWÖU product line with operating voltages maximum up to 24kV.

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PVC-flat 300/500 V and 450/750 V
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PVC-flat 300/500 V and 450/750 V