Typically, a complete electrical system requires various types of electrical cables, control cables, and supporting cable accessories. These components will work together to ensure accurate and stable signal and power transmission.

When it comes to cable accessories, we can mention cable glands which are used to fix one end of an electrical cable and create a connection point with other devices. These cable accessories help to seal at the entry point and prevent the cable from twisting or pulling out of the device or being infiltrated by dirt.

At Sangel Systemtecnik, our subsidiary company HELUKABEL offers many suitable cable accessory products for various applications in factories or projects. Sangel Systemtecnik provides products with superior features, precisely meeting the needs of customers with the durability of the product over time. All cable accessories are thoroughly tested with strict tests.

Not only do we manufacture basic products applicable in all situations, but we also aim to meet the specific design requirements of customers for the structure and function of the product. Our team of engineers and employees always try to support customers from the beginning to evaluate requirements, advise appropriate solutions, and maintain customer care after installation.

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You can refer to some of Sangel Systemtecnik's products that we provide for each specific group below.

1. Industrial luminaires:

Sangel Systemtecnik's LED lighting system for industry meets the requirements in machine rooms or assembly stations for factors such as accurate color, safety, voltage, and coverage.

In addition, our LED lighting system for industrial sectors precisely meets the structural conditions, ensuring quality lighting for a long time.

All industrial LED lighting products are manufactured at our facility in Bielefeld and undergo thermal and cold tests, mechanical tests, as well as IP tests.

Industrial luminiaries
Industrial luminiaries

The products in this line include

  • LED Machine Luminaires
  • LED Signal Luminaires
  • LED Workstation Luminaries

2. Cable assemblies:

Whether it's power cables, feedback cables, data transmitted by copper cables or fiber optic cables, or even individual cable clusters, we provide all corresponding cable connectors.

In addition to reputable product lines, we also develop our manufacturing plants into automated systems and efficiently utilize logistics systems to provide you with attractive prices, as well as fast delivery times.

Cable assemblies from HELUKABEL
Cable assemblies from HELUKABEL

The products in this line include:

  • Drive Systems

  • Customized

  • OEM / Manufacturer

3. Installation modules:

When using Sangel Systemtecnik's module installation service, you are provided with mechanical and plant engineering module designs. By replacing expensive terminal technology, we can create convenient and quick connections with peripheral devices.

We rely on current designs and adjust module forms to fit different circumstances. Our team of experienced engineers and employees will support and meet your specific needs.

Sangel Systemtecnik's module installation
Sangel Systemtecnik's module installation

The products in this line include:

  • Robotics

  • Wind energy

  • Engineering

  • Loading crane