Energy Supply - The Backbone of the German Economy

Nothing is more natural to us humans than energy. In order for us to consume energy, it must first be converted from one form to another, e.g. solar energy is converted into electricity. However, the resulting energy created needs to reach its consumer - from its point of creation to where it is needed. This is where at the latest, the work of Energy Supply companies begins. They provide the energy distribution networks and ensure that electricity reaches the consumer with minimal losses along the way.

In the context of the energy transition, which is moving away from nuclear and fossil fuels towards renewable energies, new challenges are arising to which the current energy network must first be adapted: electricity generated by wind power in the north must be transported to southern Germany; however, the necessary network capacities are currently still lacking.

For this reason, the supra-regional transmission networks as well as the local distribution networks in Germany are to be expanded and, in the future, will also be linked to neighbouring European countries. The security of supply of all forms of energy is very important - energy suppliers are therefore dependent on reliable networks that are designed to meet not only today's demands but also those of the future.

At HELUKABEL, we promotes the generation, transmission and distribution of forms of energy with cables, lines and cable accessories that are perfectly adapted to the diverse conditions of these industries. Whether it's highly variable weather conditions with extreme temperatures, resistance to salt water or other aggressive substances - our products bring the energy directly and without detours to where it is needed.

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