Installation cables are widely used in civil construction projects, industrial parks, power plants and other economic sectors. Installation Cables are insulated and protected by a PVC layer that is produced according to the TCVN 5935-1:2013/IEC 60502-1:2009 standards.

Among them, the low-voltage electric cable with single-core is installed in small devices and internal communication systems for data transmission purposes. In addition, the low-voltage electric cable does not contain Halogen with a special PVC outer casing structure, which does not generate toxic gas in case of fire or explosion.

Installation Cables cables are currently being produced and distributed by many corporations and organizations. However, in order to ensure the quality of the project and minimize any issues that may arise during installation, all businesses need to choose a reputable unit with a team of leading engineers who can predict all potential problems to provide the best installation solutions.

HELUKABEL is a company specializing in the production of electrical cables and cable accessories, established in 1978 in the Federal Republic of Germany. In order to bring the best solutions and satisfy every customer, we are constantly researching new technologies to apply to our products and offer 33.000 product codes that meet extremely stringent international standards including: German national certification (VDE) and 16 other international certifications such as (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, NEMKO, CSA, IMQ, BSI, CCC, DEMKO, CE, CEB, HAR, TÜV, ...).

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You can refer to some types of products that we provide according to specific groups below.


The single-core PVC low voltage electrical cable is particularly suitable for use in small devices, strong transmission systems, and internal communication systems for the purpose of data transmission. This type of cable should not be used in activities with high current. The cable of the device is used to connect wires to switches, amplifiers, dial communication systems, measuring tools, telephone switchboards, clock centers, data processing devices, etc. These types of installation cables are not allowed to be used outside the device with high power ratings. The cable is equipped with a YR-Bell casing.


Installation cables without halogen have a special plastic jacket that contains no halogen, which means it does not produce toxic fumes in the event of fire or explosion. This design minimizes damage to people and property while ensuring stable signal transmission even during a fire. This type of cable is often installed in hotels, airports, subway stations, train stations, hospitals, grocery stores, banks, schools, theaters, multi-story buildings, process control centers, etc. This cable is suitable for installation in dry and wet environments and can be installed above, below or inside gypsum board and concrete walls. However, it should not be directly embedded in concrete or gypsum.