DC Cable Connectors for Photovoltaic Systems

Currently, many countries are gradually following the trend of shifting from fossil energy to renewable energy sources to aim for sustainable development and solve the problem of energy depletion in the future. In Vietnam, renewable energy projects, specifically solar energy, are developing rapidly with great potential for investors.

According to Wikipedia, Vietnam has great potential for solar energy development, especially in the central and southern regions. The average number of sunny hours in the Northern region ranges from 1,500 to 1,700 hours of sunshine per year. The Central and Southern regions have higher average annual sunshine hours, from 2,000 to 2,600 hours/per year. From the advantages of weather and climate conditions, businesses have taken advantage of this to invest in and develop solar energy projects in Vietnam.

With the desire to accompany investors in developing solar power systems, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam not only bring specialized DC power cable products for solar projects but also provide quality connector product lines, serving the electrical connection system of solar energy projects.

DC cables and connectors are specialized solutions in solar projects
DC cables and connectors are specialized solutions in solar projects

In a conversation with Mr. Joseph Yang, Director, of Electrical Connectors (ECS) of Stäubli company (Taiwan branch) share about the importance of connectors in solar power systems, he said: “Currently, most technical failures in PV systems are usually related to cross-mating, which means that junction A will connect to junction B. This connection requires a different technique than connecting a socket path to a block part. Meanwhile, our MC4 connector has a core technology that not everyone can copycat 100%, which also results in a significant difference in contact resistance and chemical resistance of the connector.

HELUKABEL Cable Connector DC MC4-EVO 2 
HELUKABEL Cable Connector DC MC4-EVO 2

In case cross-mating is not good in the projects, the problems will appear after 2-3 years of operation, and the PV system will start to break. Projects across the globe are interested in limiting this undesirable situation.

When using unsuitable connectors in a solar power system, you will not be able to realize the danger that exists at first because the resistance is low, but the temperature between the cross-mating of the connector has always existed. If you use infrared to look at the connector you will notice it will be redder and hotter. After use for 2 to 3 years, the connector will break and be damaged. In addition, when the contact resistance and temperature also increase, at this time the plastic parts and the DC connectors placed close together will be arced (damaged and even burned the solar power system).”

The connector is a small device, but it plays an important role in connecting electricity and ensuring the safety of the photovoltaic system. We, HELUKABEL Vietnam, bring you connector products that meet technical requirements and meet international quality standards.

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What are connectors?

DC cable connectors are a component of electrical conduction system, used to connect and transmit electrical signal from power source to electrical equipment. It is used to connect the output of the DC power supply to the input of the receiving device.

DC cable connectors are generally of two types: male connectors and female connectors. The male connector is attached to the lead end and plugged into the female connector of the receiving device, while the female connector is mounted on the device and the lead end is plugged into it. DC cable connectors come in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate different devices and power supplies.

Advantages of DC connectors

Here are some advantages of HELUKABEL's MC4 DC cable connector:

High-quality materials:

HELUKABEL's DC connectors are made of high-quality material, which is resistant to extreme corrosion and UV rays, ammonia, and has a high degree of protection (IP68).

High electrical efficiency:

HELUKABEL's MC4 DC connectors are designed to provide optimum electrical performance. A thick copper connection core helps to ensure a good and stable electrical connection and the safety of the system.

Compatibility and flexibility:

HELUKABEL's MC4 DC connectors are compatible with various types of solar cable cores, including 2.5 mm2, 4 mm2, and 6 mm2 cores. Our products provide flexibility when it comes to installing and connecting solar power systems.

With the above advantages, HELUKABEL's MC4 DC connector is a good choice for solar power systems, ensuring performance, safety, and durability in the harsh environment of solar energy.

PV-male and female cable coupler MC4

The MC4 connector applied MULTILAM technology, which helps to ensure long-term durability and stability, to maintain low performance continuously throughout the service life. The product has been tested to many international standards and is available for assembly with cross sections up to 10 mm². This product is compatible with MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 connectors.

Technical data

- With Snap-in lock

- Temperature range -40°C to +90°C

- Protection class IP 67

- Safety class II

- Rated voltage 1000 V (IEC)

- Rated current 22A (2.5 mm²), 30A (4mm², 6mm²)

- Contact resistance 0.35 mOhm


- Material: Polyamide (PA)

- Contact: Cu, tinned, rotated

Find out more about PV-male and female cable coupler MC4 HERE .

PV-male and female cable coupler MC4-Evo 2 1500 V

MC4-Evo 2 cable connectors are IEC, UL, JET, and cTÜVus internationally certified and approved according to DC 1500 V (IEC, JET), and DC 1500 V (UL) standards. Since 2004, with MULTILAM technology, this cable connector has proven its quality and precision through international tests. The product is suitable for all climates thanks to its resistance to UV, ammonia, and protection classification (IP68). This connector is available as a field and preassembled connector, standard crimping tools can be used. Mating compatibility with MC4 connector family.

Technical data

- Protection classification: IP 68

- Safety class: II

- Temperature range: -40°C up to +85°C

- Rated voltage: 1500 V (IEC)

- Rated current: 39A (2.5mm²), 45A (4mm²), 53A (6mm²), 69A (10.0mm²)

- Contact resistance of plug connectors: 0.2 mOhm


- Polyamide

- Contact: Cu, tinned

- Flammability acc. to UL 94: V0

Find out more about PV-male and female cable coupler MC4-Evo 2 1500 V HERE .

Criteria for choosing DC cable connectors in solar power installation

Choosing the right DC cable connector is very important to ensure the performance and safety of your solar power system. In order to choose the right DC cable connector, the following criteria should be kept in mind: the connector's connection standard should be compatible with different DC cables, the cable thickness and diameter should match the connector, the degree of thickness, the durability of the connector needs to ensure the load-carrying capacity of the electrical system, and the brand of cable connector manufacturing
In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the operating environment of the solar power system to choose the right type of DC cable connector that is resistant to impacts from weather, UV rays, chemical agents,... For large solar power systems, it is advisable to choose connectors that are easy to install and maintain to minimize time and costs.

Common product standards for DC cable connectors.

  • IEC 61730 Standard: The IEC 61730 standard is used to evaluate the safety of electronic equipment used in solar power systems.
  • UL 1703 Standard: The UL 1703 standard is a safety standard for solar power systems and is used to test the safety of DC cable connectors.

We, HELUKABEL Vietnam, are always ready to accompany you in solar projects. In addition to the connector products listed above, we provide a variety of product lines of heat-resistant, UV-resistant control cables, suitable for outdoor use such as

We look forward to assisting you in identifying solutions for heat-resistant cables, DC cables, and connectors for your solar project. Please call +84 28 77755578 or email us to info@helukabel.com.vn for advice with specialized engineers.

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