5 outstanding features of JZ-HF control cable

With many outstanding features, JZ-HF control cable is regarded as the ideal option for applications involving continuous movement and demanding high flexibility, robot arms in particular.

5 outstanding features of JZ-HF control cable

Features of JZ-HF control cable

In an era where automation is steadily gaining popularity, JZ-HF control cable distinguishes itself by facilitating seamless machine operations and minimizing downtime caused by failures. Here are its prominent features:

1. Compliance with IEC 60228 Standard, Class 6

JZ-HF control cable is manufactured according to IEC 60228 Standard, featuring a wire core rated at class 6. Comprising numerous small copper fibers, the core enhances elasticity, enabling the cable to achieve a small bending radius, increasing flexibility while still ensuring efficient control signal transmission.

2. Operation within a temperature range of up to 80°C

JZ-HF control cable operates effectively within a temperature spectrum ranging from -10°C to 80°C. Therefore, the cable is appropriate for deployment in various production environments.

3. Resistance to machine oil following DIN 0473-811-404 Standard

The cable is also resistant to machine oil based on DIN 0473-811-404 Standard. This is a very important standard for cables used in production environments where the wires frequently come into contact with machine oil or operate in areas prone to oil leaks. Without oil and chemical resistance, the cable's insulating sheath will be easily damaged, causing the transmission line to become unstable and the machinery to operate ineffectively.

4. Fire retardancy and fire spread resistance following DIN 0482-332-1-2 Standard

Fire retardancy and fire spread resistance following DIN 0482-332-1-2 Standard are also one of the standards that need to be considered to guarantee safety during usage and limit potential damage.

5. Suitability for applications involving drag chains

JZ-HF control cable is also an excellent choice for solutions combined with drag chains. The sheath is made from a special PVC compound that helps the wire achieve a certain durability, withstanding an operating cycle of up to 9 million cycles. This helps the production process go smoothly, thereby minimizing downtime.

JZ-HF control cables

2 types of premium JZ-HF control cables

In addition to the previously mentioned JZ-HF cable, for environments characterized by a high density of electromagnetic waves leading to interference, you can use JZ-HF-CY control cable. This cable has all the exceptional features of JZ-HF cable and is additionally equipped with a layer of anti-interference layer of tin-plated copper braid covering up to 85%. This helps restrict signal interference during transmission.

2 types of premium JZ-HF control cables

Besides, HELUKABEL also provides PURö-JZ-HF control cable. Thanks to the outer sheath made from polyurethane (PUR), the wire is resistant to abrasion and external environmental influences such as rain, sun, UV rays...

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