Industrial Automation Solutions from HELUKABEL Vietnam at VIAF 2022


From June 8 to 10, 2022, we participated in the Viet Nam Industrial Automation Fiesta (VIAF 2022) at the WTC International Exhibition Center, Binh Duong New City. At the event, we presented comprehensive solutions for customers in diverse fields: industrial automation, automotive, wood products, robotics, steel industry, and food and beverage.

VIFA 2022 is the 14th international industry exhibition in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The first of the series of VIAF events took place in Binh Duong with a display area of up to 10,000m2. This year's exhibition gathers more than 250 booths from 10 countries and many territories. In particular, the event attracts more than 15,000 visitors, including suppliers, distributors, and partners in technology fields related to the automation industry.

HELUKABEL Vietnam's booth is located at position 159.
Delicious cups of coffee have been given to customers when they discuss with our engineers the comprehensive solutions of cabling systems for factory automation.

Mr. Cao Tan Luc, Director of OMG Event Organization Co., LTD, shared: "After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy and society have suffered from many negative impacts. Many businesses face serious challenges. Therefore, VIAF 2022 has been organized to create opportunities for companies to connect with customers, promote products and brands, and help them bounce back after difficult times."

In addition, Mr. Cao Tan Luc also said that VIAF & VIMF 2022 are the first specialized industry exhibitions held in Vietnam. This event is a good sign, signaling the return of one of the most epic industrial exhibition series in Binh Duong province and Vietnam.

Mr. Cao Tan Luc, Director of OMG Event Organization Co., LTD.
Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam.

Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam, shared the reason for deciding to participate in the event: “The VIAF 2022 event brings opportunities to us. We have met many customers in the economic center-point area of Binh Duong. At our booth, we can advise our customers on the best solutions. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for us and customers to sit together, answer questions about control cables in industrial automation, and find solutions for many other fields.”

Industrial automation is an inevitable trend in the production system in Vietnam. Automation is currently the optimal solution, helping to improve efficiency, and save money, and labor. However, for the automation system in production to work effectively, businesses need to pay attention to many factors. In particular, suitable cables for the production system are also a decisive factor in the operating efficiency of the entire factory.

Our engineers were always at the booth to answer the problems customers faced in industrial automation.
Mr. Le Tran Chinh, Business Development Manager of HELUKABEL Vietnam.

At the seminar of the VIAF 2022 event, Mr. Le Tran Chinh, Business Development Manager of HELUKABEL Vietnam, said: “To help the machines in the factory automatically achieve efficient automation, the selection of power cables that provide stable power and signal is important. You can choose cables that are suitable for the environmental conditions in each area of the factory. Customers can choose products with characteristics such as anti-vibration, anti-interference, anti-oil, etc.”

Mr. Tran Tien Khuong Duy, Sales Manager of HELUKABEL Vietnam, shared that most of the problems customers face are finding cable products that meet the environment of cleaning chemicals and lubricants. And fortunately, the products of HELUKABEL Vietnam meet those requirements entirely. “The distinct difference in cable products at HELUKABEL is 100% resistant to oil, vibration, and cleaning chemicals. Specifically, we also have a product research and development team, ensuring that it is suitable for the needs of customers, "said Mr. Tran Tien Khuong Duy.

Mr. Tran Tien Khuong Duy, Sales Manager of HELUKABEL Vietnam

Thanks to this year's VIAF event, we were able to bring technology solutions closer to customers, helping customers solve problems they are facing when choosing cabling systems for factory automation. In the future, we will continue to participate in more technology events to promote the development of the automation industry in Vietnam.