“Technical Repair of Photovoltaic Systems” Workshop

Nearly 80 guests attended the “Technical Repair of Photovoltaic Systems” Workshop

On July 14, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, were present at the seminar "Technical Repair of Photovoltaic Systems" organized by Krannich company at Saigon Prince Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City.

As one of the most proficient enterprises in the solar energy sector, Krannich enterprise has worked on many solar projects in the Vietnam market. With 25 years of experience in this field, Krannich also understands the technical problems commonly encountered in photovoltaic systems. Therefore, on July 14, Krannich Vietnam organized a "Technical Repair of Photovoltaic Systems" workshop to connect leading experts and update professional knowledge for renewable energy engineers in the same field.

The seminar had the participation of speakers from companies specializing in providing equipment, machinery, and solar cables for photovoltaic projects such as Sungrow Power, Jinko Solar, and HELUKABEL Vietnam. The seminar took place from 8:45 to 16:00 in the lively atmosphere of nearly 80 guests.

Mr. Dillon Ye, Brand Manager / BDM - Southeast Asia of Krannich company shared: “The purpose of the workshop is to create an environment for engineers to meet and exchange troubleshooting experiences technology in the photovoltaics systems. Through the event, attendees learned even more about the prestigious brands that Krannich is cooperating with such as Sungrow Power, Jinko Solar, and HELUKABEL. At the same time, customers will also get the optimal solution in terms of quality when using products from European brands at the corresponding price. Customers will understand that the cost they spend is completely worth the quality and efficiency they receive”.

Mr. Dillon Ye, Brand Manager / BDM - Southeast Asia of Krannich spoke at the event.
The workshop was carefully prepared by Krannich company.
The workshop was carefully prepared by Krannich company.

Connecting to professional knowledge

After the Power Plan VIII was approved, the solar energy industry is receiving many new opportunities in the future. The trend of development and shift to green and clean energy sources is strong and fast in many areas of the country. If Vietnam is well prepared with the necessary procedures and expertise in the solar energy sector, Vietnam will be able to enter the stage of using renewable energy to reduce pressure on the national grid in the future. To prepare well in terms of professional knowledge during the installation of solar energy systems, experts at the workshop had useful sharing for each specific issue.

The representative of Sungrow Power company presented the SG125CX-P2 inverter product, operating instructions, troubleshooting, and maintenance during use. At the same time, he introduced information related to the zero-export medium voltage case study for large-scale C&I projects to the attendees.

Moreover, Jinko Solar company gave an overview of the rooftop market in Vietnam from 2023 - 2024 with new opportunities and challenges. Besides, this company also introduced N-type and Topcon technology, two advanced panel manufacturing technologies in the industry, researched and applied by Jinko Solar.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Tuan, a participant shared: “The seminar brought me a lot of useful knowledge. As an investor, I gained important information in choosing products as well as the right technology for the photovoltaic projects”.

Our products, HELUKABEL Vietnam, were displayed at the workshop.
Mr. Nguyen Trung Tuan, on the right, a participant at the event.

Safety solutions for electrical systems in solar projects

We, HELUKABEL Vietnam, are honored to participate in this workshop. Mr. Duong Manh Ha, Sales Engineer of HELUKABEL Vietnam, presented two topics including how to choose DC cables for photovoltaic systems, and Stäubli's MC4 – Evo2 connector solution.

Mr. Dillon Ye said: “Although in the photovoltaic system, inverters and panels or other devices will account for a greater price, we cannot deny the importance of power cables. That is also the reason why we have invited HELUKABEL company to share at the conference. HELUKABEL is a provider of control cables from Europe and is well-known in the market. The product price is commensurate with the value, bringing quality and safety to the project."

(From left to right) Mr. Tran Quang Thai - Area Sales Manager, Mr. Duong Manh Ha - Sales Engineer of HELUKABEL Vietnam; Mr. Dillon Ye - Brand Manager / BDM - Southeast Asia, Ms. Trang Tran (Tracie) Regional Operations Manager Vietnam of the Krannich company.

When it comes to DC cables for photovoltaic projects, HELUKABEL SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K cables meet standards such as

  • Flame-retardant acc. to DIN VDE 0482-332-1-2 / DIN EN 60332- 1-2 / IEC 60332-1-2
  • Smoke density acc. to DIN VDE 0482-1034-1+2 / DIN EN 61034- 1+2 / IEC 61034-1+2
  • Halogen-free acc. to DIN VDE 0482-754-1 / DIN EN 60754-1 / IEC 60754-1
  • Ozone-resistant acc. to DIN VDE 0283-618 / DIN EN 50618
  • UV-resistant acc. to DIN VDE 0283-618 / DIN EN 50618 Appendix E
  • Weather-resistant acc. to DIN VDE 0283-618 / DIN EN 50618 Appendix E
  • Water-resistant acc. to DIN VDE 0285-525-2-21 / DIN EN 50525- 2-21 Appendix E
  • Suitable for direct burial
Mr. Ho Tuy Nhan, a participant, asked questions during the presentation of Mr. Duong Manh Ha, Sales Engineer of HELUKABEL Vietnam.
Mr. Duong Manh Ha, Sales Engineer of HELUKABEL Vietnam presented at the conference.

In addition to the dedicated line of DC cables, we also offer other cables used in photovoltaic systems. Fiber Optic outdoor cable steel armoured has outstanding technical characteristics such as corrosiveness acc. to EN50267-2-3, Halogen-free acc. to 60754-2, longitudinally water-tight acc. to IEC 60794-1-2-F5, Cable, laterally water-tight, UV-resistant, rodent protection (steel groove).

In particular, Mr. Duong Manh Ha's presentation, he also emphasized the importance of the MC4 - EVO 2 connectors in the photovoltaic systems. In spite of playing a small part in the solar projects, this can lead to great damage to the solar power system, if the wrong connector is selected, even fire and explosion, causing the project to stop working.

Mr. Ho Tuy Nhan, a participant, said: “After the workshop, I realized that electric cables, despite small value in the project, bring very high efficiency and we should use good products from well-established brand. I used to use HELUKABEL products and was satisfied with the quality because there were no problems”.

Another participant, Mr. Vu Huy Song, shared “I appreciate today's event. The presentations of the speakers were also very in-depth and right to the heart of the problems that solar projects often face. Thanks to that, we can update useful information and new knowledge for upcoming projects.”

Some participants are interested in the products of DC cables, cable accessories and connectors provided by us, HELUKABEL Vietnam.

The "Technical Repair of Photovoltaic Systems" Workshop of Krannich took place successfully. We, HELUKABEL Vietnam, are honored to contribute a small part to the success of the event. Besides, we would like to thank Krannich for giving us an opportunity to meet and discuss with many customers, engineers in the solar energy sector. We at HELUKABEL Vietnam wish you all at Krannich success and prosperity!

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