HELUDATA EN 50288-7 signal cable

In industrial automation, the petrochemical sector as well as communication, signal cables play an important role, helping to transmit instantaneous information of the control unit to other parts and vice versa. Which, the HELUDATA® EN-50288-7 signal cable is widely used for the purpose of digital signal transmission.

What are signal cables?

Signal cables are manufactured to transmit signals, sounds, and images in many different fields and industries. Signal cables can be used in elevators, cameras or audio systems, and machinery.

In addition to the ability to transmit signals, sounds, and images, the signal cable can send to the control center information about the status and operating position of the machines and equipment under control. Signal cables support remote control and serve effectively in industrial automation.

Technical information about the HELUDATA® EN-50288-7 signal cable

Technical data

  • Instrumentation cable acc. to EN 50288-7
  • Temperature range

flexing -5°C to +50°C
fixed installation -30°C to +70°

  • Nominal voltage U AC 500 V
  • Test voltage

core/core 2000 V

core/screen 2000 V

  • Minimum bending radius: fixed installation 7,5x outer Ø
  • Insulation resistance > 100 MΩxkm
  • Mutual capacitance single pair max. 250 pF/m
  • Inductance max. 1 mH /km
  • L/R (ratio)
  • 0,5 mm² < 25 μH/Ω
  • 0,75 mm² < 25 μH/Ω
  • 1 mm² < 25 μH/Ω
  • 1,5 mm² < 40 μH/Ω
  • 2,5 mm² < 60 μH/Ω
The HELUDATA® EN-50288-7 signal cable is widely used for the purpose of digital signal transmission.
The HELUDATA® EN-50288-7 signal cable is widely used for the purpose of digital signal transmission.

Cable structure

  • Bare copper conductor, multiple wired acc. to DIN VDE 0295 cl.2 / IEC 60228 cl.2
  • Core insulation: PVC acc. to EN 50290-2-21
  • Cores stranded in pairs, triads, or quads
  • Cores twisted together in cable elements in optimal lay length
  • Core identification
  • pairs: BU, BK
  • triads: BU, BK, RD
  • quads: BU, BK, RD, GY
  • blue cores with continuous
  • black numbering
  • Cable elements are stranded in optimal lay length
  • Overall screen: AL/PE tape over tinned copper stranded drain wire (7x0,3 mm)
  • Outer sheath: PVC acc. to EN 50290-2-22
  • Outer sheath colour: black or blue
  • With meter marking


  • Low levels of line attenuations and low mutual capacitances enable long transmission distances
  • Cable elements are produced of non-hygroscopic materials

Application of the HELUDATA® EN-50288-7 signal cables

  • HELUDATA® EN-50288-7 signal cables are specialized cable lines for the transmitting digital signals
  • These products can be used in chemical or oil and gas environments as well as the petrochemical industry
  • The cable is suitable for installation in dry and wet areas, both in open spaces or in tunnels.

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