HELURUN TOGETHER 2024: Pay it forward to the community by your steps

With the desire to contribute to the community, this April 2024, HELUKABEL Vietnam kicks off the event named HELURUN TOGETHER 2024.

With the desire to contribute to the community, this April 2024, HELUKABEL Vietnam kicks off the event named HELURUN TOGETHER 2024.

1. General information about HELURUN TOGETHER 2024

HELURUN TOGETHER 2024 is a virtual running event taking place on UpRace. You have the flexibility to run from any location you prefer, just track your running progress by using your mobile phone or smartwatch to accumulate distance. The event aims to raise funds to organize fairs and entertainment programs for children in the Phan Son mountainous region (Bac Binh District, Binh Thuan Province) in celebration of International Children's Day, June 1st.

Registration time: From April 11, 2024

Event time: 12 am, April 20, 2024 – 11:59 pm, May 20, 2024

Result announcement time: May 23, 2024

Fundraising goal: 100,000,000 VND

Distance conversion: 1 km = 2,000 VND

2. How to join HELURUN TOGETHER 2024?

Step 1: Download the UpRace application on Google Play or App Store and register an account.

Step 2: Search for the event “HELURUN TOGETHER 2024” in the “Community” section and click “Join”.

Step 3: Run and accumulate distance by pressing the “Go” button on UpRace before each run.

If you use Apple Watch or sports watches, you can go to Settings on UpRace, select “Connections and Apps” and link to the app you want (Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Sunnto, COROS, Fitbit, POLAR). The system will automatically synchronize results into UpRace.

3. Rules and awards for participants

Participants are considered eligible when they:

- Have jogging/ running activity (not walking/ cycling)

- Run at least 1km each time

- Complete a minimum of 30km within 30 days of the event

Based on the leaderboard, the top 20 winners will be awarded:

- Ranked 1: A trophy and 500,000 VND gift card from Got It

- Ranked 2 - 10: 500,000 VND gift card from Got It

- Ranked 11 - 20: 200,000 VND gift card from Got It

4. Frequently asked questions

No, UpRace only starts recording the distance from the start of the event, 12 am, April 20, 2024.

Yes, however, having fewer active days than other participants may put you at a disadvantage, especially if secondary criteria are considered during ranking.

Unfortunately for this event, we are limited to individual entries only.

No, but you must jog/run (not walk or cycle) to be recognized as an eligible participant.

Click on your account name in the upper left corner, select the gear icon in the upper right corner, select “Connections and Apps” and connect with the app you want.

UpRace will send an electronic certificate via the email you registered after the event ends. For gift cards, we will ask for your information (full name, phone number) and Got It will send you the card link via Zalo or SMS.

5. Contact information

If you have any questions during the registration and event time, don't hesitate to contact us for prompt help!

Email: info@helukabel.com.vn

Zalo Official Account: HELUKABEL Vietnam

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/HELUKABEL.COM.VN

Hotline: +84 28 77755578