As versatile as a chameleon.

High-quality crimping tool with 5 inserts for insulated and uninsulated connections

Chameleon on a crimping tool
 Crimping tool in set with case

The Helutool Crimpset 5 in 1 by HELUKABEL is as convertible and multifunctional as no other. Thanks to the quick-release fastener, the five different crimp inserts can be exchanged effortlessly and without any tools, depending on your needs. The crimp contour of the crimp inserts for wire-end ferrules is ideally suited for compacted and fine-stranded conductors. In addition, the crimping pliers are the perfect tool for both insulated and non-insulated crimp terminals as well as for uninsulated flat receptacles. The low weight of 590 Gramm and the two-component handle ensure perfect handling.

The Advantages of the Versatile HELUTOOL Crimpset 5 in 1

  • Always the right tool at hand
  • Fast and easy changing of the inserts with a quick release fastener — no additional tools needed!
  • Locking mechanism with release
  • 2-component hand grip
  • High-quality plastic case with foam inlay for storage
  • Wire end ferrule crimping profile is designed for fine-wired and compact conductors
  • Easy handling through optimised pressing contour
  • Length: 250 mm; weight: 590 g
  • Crimpset 5 in 1 is currently being assembled exclusively for HELUKABEL
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed peopleEasy handling even on large cross sections



  • Crimping insert for insulated cable lugs 0.5 - 6 mm²
  • Crimping insert for uninsulated cable lugs 0.5 - 10 mm²
  • Crimping insert for uninsulated female push-on terminal 0.5 - 2.5 mm²; tab width 4.8 mm & 6.3 mm
  • Crimping insert for wire end ferrules 0.25 - 16 mm² (also for fine-wired and compact conductors)
  • Crimping insert for wire end ferrules 25 - 50 mm² (also for fine-wired and compact conductors)

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Here you can see how the crimpset is applied: