At the beginning of 2022, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam provided several solutions, which are H05V-K and H07V-K control cables for the RC-10 and RC-RB1 drilling rig project. This drilling rig is one of the special projects for us in the Oil and Gas sector that we are honored to be involved in.

Provide stable signal for operating & control devices

Ensuring efficiency throughout the operation depends on many factors in the oil and gas industry. In particular, the requirements for safe, reliable, and intelligent management of important processes in the control system are prerequisites. Only when the control parts are capable of controlling and calculating the necessary algorithms, the whole drilling rig project can operate smoothly, ensuring efficiency and limiting errors. From this, stable operation of the control cabinet and related components for the control of the entire drilling rig system is truly fundamental.

In addition, most of the drilling rigs are located in the open sea away from the mainland which has a harsh operating environment. Therefore, the equipment and machinery used for the drilling rig must face the corrosion of seawater, sea salt, and even extreme weather conditions such as intense sunshine, continuous rainstorms, etc.

RC-10 drilling rig (Source: Internet).

Therefore, this project requires electrical cables capable of maintaining the signal throughout all operating conditions as above, to ensure the system control cabinets on the drilling rig operate stably and safely. In particular, flame-retardant's international standards of electrical cables should also be given top priority.

With three requirements set for the line of electrical cables in the control cabinet of the RC-10 and RC-RB1 rig projects, we, HELUKABEL listened to the problems of our customers, thereby providing suitable solutions with H05V-K and H07V-K single core lines.

H05V-K single core cables from HELUKABEL Vietnam.
H07V-K single core cables from HELUKABEL Vietnam.

“The control cabinet is considered the “lifeline” of the whole project, responsible for transmitting reliable, safe, and stable information to help control and operate all equipment and systems on the drilling rig. Therefore, after checking the technical requirements and production standards set by the customer, we proposed and provided the H05V-K and H07V-K single-core cables that perfectly match the customer's requirements.

Both cables meet the flame-retardant standards according to IEC 60332-1-2 and EN 60332-1-2 (VDE 0482-332-1-2) and the test standard according to EN 60811-1-4 (VDE 0473-811-1-4); EN 50395 (VDE 0481-395); EN 50396 (VDE 0473-396)", said Mr. Duong Manh Ha, Sales Engineer at HELUKABEL Vietnam, who directly worked with customers on this project.

Mr. Duong Manh Ha, Sales Engineer at HELUKABEL Vietnam, who directly worked with customers on this project.

In addition, in this project, besides meeting the customer's technical criteria and obtaining IEC / EN 60332-1-2 flame-retardant certificate, and single cable fire resistance test, we also meet fast delivery time.

We, HELUKABEL Vietnam are very proud to have contributed to the RC-10 and RC-RB1 drilling rig projects. The drilling rig is dubbed "Dragon Mine" contributing to an increase in Vietsovpetro's oil production in 2022.

About the RC-10 and RC-RB1 drilling rig project

The RC-RB1 project includes the construction of the RC-RB1 wellhead rig, the bridge connecting the RC-RB1 rig and the RP-2 rig, as well as the conversion of the RP-2 rig to receive petroleum products from the RC-10 and RC-RB1.

The RC-10 project includes the construction of the RC-10 wellhead platform and underground pipelines connected to the RC-RB1 platform with a total length of 10.6 km (oil pipeline, water injection pipeline, and gas lift pipeline), and a 22 kV underground cable line 3.6 km long.

On October 28, 2022, Vietsovpetro's employees welcomed the first commercial oil flow from the RC-10 rig at Rong field, with the total initial oil volume obtained at 02 wells 60M and 60P of 350 tons/day.

(According to information in Vietnam Energy Newspaper, under the agency of Vietnam Energy Association on October 31, 2022).

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