“A Happy Day” with SOS Children's Village Go Vap

More than 100 children at SOS Children's Village Go Vap participated in the “A Happy Day” event in a joyful and vibrant atmosphere. The program was organized by HELUKABEL Vietnam on May 20, to celebrate the upcoming International Children's Day.

SOS Children's Village Go Vap in Ho Chi Minh City was established in 1990, operating under the model of "Alternative family". This village was built with the goal of protecting and taking care of orphans, abandoned or unable to receive care from their families. "SOS mother" is the owner of a house, raising 6-10 children of different ages. SOS Children's Village Go Vap and SOS Children's Village Mai Dich in Hanoi are the first two SOS Children's Villages in Vietnam established right after the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (Vietnam) signed an agreement with SOS Children's Villages International.

This year, on the occasion of International Children's Day, HELUKABEL Vietnam Company implemented the “A Happy Day" event to create a meaningful playground for children to interact and have a memorable Children's Day. The program takes place with fun activities and attractive rewards to create emotional bonds between village members.

Ms. Dao Minh Hai Van, the mother of the children at SOS Go Vap Children's Village, shared that the children were very excited when they heard that they would participate in the event, from the morning, they got up early to prepare and go to the hall.

Ms. Dao Hoang Thanh Thuy – an educational worker at SOS Go Vap Children’s Village said: "Today's event is very fun and meaningful because it has created a playground for the children on the occasion of the upcoming June 1. The meals prepared are very suitable for the children's favorite food. At the same time, the event brought sharing so that the children could feel the love from the community, thereby learning how to love the people around them and live more positively. The children felt very happy when they had care and attention of everybody."

Children at SOS Children's Village Go Vap at the "A Happy Day" event (Photo: HELUKABEL Vietnam).
The children participated in quiz competitions with prizes in an exciting atmosphere (Photo: HELUKABEL Vietnam).

Ms. Le Thi Bich Tram, a representative of HELUKABEL Vietnam shared that it was a chance to know the people and organizing activities at the SOS village. In 2019, this company once donated to build a football field for children in the village, with the desire to build facilities for the purpose of entertainment for the children after studying. This year, when the company returned to visit the village and learned that the facilities in the village were still lacking, some water purifiers were old and could not be used anymore, so the company decided to support the water purifiers for the households to serve in daily life.

"We want to bring a meaningful festival with fun activities, as well as attractive gifts for the children to have a very happy International Children's Day. We hope that the small contributions of the business will contribute to building and helping the society, specifically helping the less fortunate.” added Ms. Bich Tram.

The football field built in 2019 is a place for many children to play after studying (Photo: HELUKABEL Vietnam).
The children participated in circle activities with interesting activities (Photo: HELUKABEL Vietnam).

The representative of HELUKABEL Vietnam said that the innocent smiles on the children's faces and the happiness of the mothers at SOS Go Vap Children's Village are the motivation for the company to expand kindness in the community. Even small love and sharing will bring joy and warmth to less fortunate circumstances.

For more assistance or donation, you can contact the village directly at the address of 697 Quang Trung, Ward 12, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, or via phone number 028 3895 8504.

(Article source: Dan Tri News)