On the morning of October 4, the "Cable & Accessory solutions for Photovoltaic systems" Seminar organized by us, HELUKABEL Vietnam took place successfully at IBIS Saigon Airport, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. The event attracted many businesses in the solar energy sector to attend to discuss and find the optimal electrical connection solution for the photovoltaic system.

Currently, using renewable energy is an inevitable trend to solve the problem of fossil fuel depletion. Therefore, businesses are gradually turning to using renewable energy, especially solar energy, to realize the goal of greening production, saving costs, and proactively generating electricity. However, when using solar power, to limit the situation that the power system is inefficient or frequently damaged, leading to the risk of fire and explosion, businesses need to pay more attention to the connectors and cables in the system. Moreover, in the process of using solar power, many businesses, investors, and construction and installation units face many problems in finding safe and effective electrical connection solutions from manufacturers offered in the market.

Mr. Tran Tien Khuong Duy, Sales Manager of HELUKABEL is the MC in the seminar.

Understanding the above situation, the seminar "Cable & Accessory solutions for Photovoltaic systems" was organized with the aim of creating opportunities for businesses to exchange. Through the seminar, businesses can improve their professional knowledge and find suitable solutions to solve problems related to electricity connection solutions in the solar energy field with companionship and support from technical experts who are our guests.

Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam delivered the opening speech.

The event took place on the morning of October 4 with the participation of Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam; technical experts, Mr. Joseph Yang, Director of Stäubli Company (Taiwan branch) and Mr. Le Tran Chinh, Business Development Manager of HELUKABEL Vietnam, and domestic and foreign enterprises such as Leva Solar Joint Stock Company, Phuoc Thinh Solar Company, SolarTek Joint Stock Company, Ngoc Bao Distribution CO., LTD, SP Group, NURI FLEX Vietnam CO., LTD, etc., and many other businesses. With skillful guidance and technical knowledge from Mr. Tran Tien Khuong Duy, Sales Manager of HELUKABEL Vietnam, the seminar took place in excitement and cozy atmosphere, creating a comfortable space for businesses to share with the organizers.

During the seminar, Mr. Joseph Yang, Director of Stäubli company mentioned the reasons why the connector is one of the important factors that greatly affect the solar power system. “When the power cable is installed in the power system, if the unsuitable connector is selected, this will cause damage to the system, the risk of safety and efficiency (LCOE – Levelized Cost of Energy) and profitability (ROI- Return on Investment). To consider a connector that meets the requirements for use, we usually rely on several criteria such as durability and average life; ability to be exposed to harsh environments; temperature range; resistance to mechanical stress, vibration impact, shaking; compatibility, etc,".

Mr. Joseph Yang, Director of Stäubli company.

Stäubli company has more than 125 years of experience in connector research and production, MC4 connectors with MULTILAM technology help to limit losses during power transmission in solar power systems. MULTILAM technology is a special technology of Stäubli, and thanks to this technology, most large projects choose MC4 to ensure efficiency (LCOE) and profitability (ROI). The product has met technology standards in its laboratory and has more than one billion PV connectors over the past 20 years in harsh environments.

In addition, some guests share their problems that the electrical cable system was affected by fine dust and rainwater during use. To solve this problem, in addition to choosing cables that can be used outdoors, and withstand harsh weather, businesses also need to consider choosing a connector capable of tightening, ensuring fine dust and water cannot penetrate inside the cable, affecting the whole system.

Besides MC4 connector solutions, we, HELUKABEL also provide cables and accessories that fully meet the standards used in solar power systems. Some product lines such as SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K (1500 V DC, EN 50618), Earth cable - from the inverter to the feeding point (NAYY – 0,6/1kV, Alu, VDE approved; NYY 0,6/1kV, copper, VDE approved), SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K NTS (Version with rodent protection. Protective mesh: stainless steel, V2A 1-way), the cable used in monitor HELUKAT® 600A S/FTP PVC/PVC (Outdoor use, Cat. 7e), HELUKAT® 600AE S/FTP FRNC/PE (Direct burial, Cat. 7e), WK POWERLINE ALU (0,6/1kV or 1,8/3kV), etc.

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During a lively conversation in the Q&A section at the seminar, Mr. Joseph also shared common errors in installing connectors and cables in projects such as connectors or cables placed directly on the roof or ground surface; The cable exposed permanently to water; Excessive tension, and sharp bending radius; Error in product selection and configuration. From common mistakes, businesses can take note and avoid similar errors in their projects.

Some pictures at the seminar

Mr. Le Tran Chinh, Business Development Manager of HELUKABEL Vietnam.
Mr. Joseph on behalf of the organizers presented the lucky present to the guests, Mr. Huynh Tan Phuoc, Director of Phuoc Thinh Solar Company.
Mr. Prapan presented a gift for Mr. Chinh's presentation.
Mr. Prapan presented a gift for Mr. Joseph's dedicated support during the seminar.

Through the questions posed by the participants, many problems were solved with specific solutions. We, HELUKABEL Vietnam are happy that the conference brought useful sharing to the business community in the solar power sector. This is also an opportunity for us to meet, talk and understand more about the issues that investors, contractors, and businesses are facing. In the future, we will continue to make efforts to connect and build more meaningful seminars, helping the business community in the field of solar power to develop sustainably and prosper.