Nowadays, the treatment of domestic waste in urban areas has always been an urgent issue in Vietnam and many countries around the world. To contribute to solving this problem, Binh Duong Water - Environment Joint Stock Company (Biwase) located in Binh Duong province has invested in a modern and large-capacity incinerator system to process about 200 to 250 tons of industrial, hazardous, and domestic waste. During building a power generation unit from the heat of the incinerator, Biwase selected our electrical cable product, HELUKABEL, to use in their project.

In 2018, Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee put into operation the Binh Duong waste treatment complex with the capacity to receive and process about 3000 tons of domestic waste and more than 1000 tons of industrial waste per day. This is one of the largest waste treatment plants in Vietnam.

With the goal of "Effective treatment - prevention of pollution and re-pollution - Joining forces to protect the environment for sustainable social development", Biwase company has researched and processed waste into useful materials for the community. For example, the amount of ash collected after burning waste will be mixed with cement mortar to make block bricks, and concrete bricks; Ash from organic waste is mixed with micronutrients to form fertilizer for industrial plants, etc. In addition, Biwase company also makes full use of the waste-burning process to produce electricity.

As one of the effective waste treatment solutions, the method of burning waste to generate electricity has been applied by Biwase company with the generating set from the heat source of the incinerator. This project is expected to be operational by the end of March 2022. The machines, equipment, and turbines used in the plant all apply modern and advanced technology from Europe, ensuring a stable capacity of about 5MW/h, generated on the national grid. On average, one ton of garbage can produce 500 to 600 kWh of electricity. According to an article in Binh Duong newspaper, the project's waste incinerator is installed with an automatic emission monitoring system, invested with British technology, and connected 24/24 in real-time with Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center for monitoring.


Mr. Samarth Solanki, M&E Expert of ESTEC company, the contractor shared: “This is a unique project. The purpose of the project is through the process of burning waste to produce electricity. This project brings a lot of value to the community and the environment when using waste as the main fuel, burning waste will generate heat and thereby generate electricity".

According to Mr. Nguyen Dang Khoi, a mechanical engineer of Southeast Asia M and E Engineer Co., Ltd, who was the design consultant for the project, the process of burning waste to generate electricity is a closed cyclic process. When the waste is collected, it is put into the oil incinerator. This incinerator will heat the water and boil the water in the pot, the compressed boiling water in the pot will follow the spray pipe, rotating the steam turbine blades, then turning the generator and generating electricity. After rotating the turbine blades, the hot steam will be sent to the condenser. Here, the external cooling water will condense the steam back into the water, the pump will continue to pump this water back to the boiler to continue to be heated by the waste heat and continue the cycle as above. The steam temperature, when put into the tube, is 377 degrees Celsius and the pressure is 28 bar.

From left to right: Mr. Nguyen Dang Khoi, a mechanical engineer of Southeast Asia M and E Engineer Co., Ltd, who was the design consultant for the project; Mr. Samarth Solanki, M&E Expert of ESTEC company; Mr. Duong Manh Ha, Sales Engineer of HELUKABEL Vietnam.
Mr. Duong Manh Ha, Mr. Nguyen Dang Khoi, and another engineer to discuss the project.

In conclusion, in the process of treating garbage to produce electricity, the environmental conditions are extremely harsh because the machines and equipment have to work continuously with high temperatures, with many detergents. Therefore, the requirements for electrical cables used for the project are very strict and it is necessary to choose the cable suitable for the machinery of European technology. If using conventional cable lines, the life of the cables will not be guaranteed when exposed to hot steam and high temperature frequently. In particular, for low-quality anti-interference cables, when used in harsh environments, the signal transmission will be unstable, leading to the waste treatment and power production being affected, not achieving the expected performance. “Therefore, when choosing a power cable for the project, I need to find a line that has a solid sheath, is an anti-interference ability, is multi-core, and meets flame retardant standards. I choose HELUKABEL's products because the power cables meet the quality standards and important technical requirements, helping the project operate efficiently," emphasized Mr. Samarth Solanki.


HELUKABEL's line of instrument power cables, specifically the HELUDATA® EN-50288-7 PVC/PVC OS 500 cable used for this project, have been adjusted to some specific technical requirements to optimize costs and ensure quantity for customers. The power cable is resistant to internal and external interference thanks to the cores twisted into pairs, which have the function of anti-cross interference. At the same time, the outer anti-interference layer is made of aluminum to help prevent interference during signal transmission. Moreover, this cable line also features flame-retardants according to the IEC 60332-1 standard and EN 50288-7 standard of instrumentation cable lines, these are also two criteria factors for customers to choose our products, HELUKABEL.


Power cables are moved to the project's warehouse.

Some pictures of the project

In addition to the product line of instrument power cables, we also provide a diverse product portfolio, suitable for applications in different fields. In particular, with the strength of designing custom power cables according to customers' technical requirements, we can completely help customers get quality products, meet technical requirements and optimize costs.