Children’s Festival 2024: Color the mountainous area

On May 25, HELUKABEL Vietnam staff had a charity trip to the Phan Son mountainous commune in Bac Binh District, Binh Thuan Province. Even though it took place in just one day, it was filled with unforgettable moments and lasting memories.

Children's Festival - a project of HELUKABEL Vietnam

From footsteps towards community…

“Children's Festival” was organized to celebrate International Children's Day on June 1. This was a charity project in a series of community-oriented campaigns of HELUKABEL Vietnam in 2024. Kicking off the series was HELURUN TOGETHER 2024 – a virtual fundraising event on UpRace. It took place from April 20 to May 20, aiming to convert the accumulated distance into a donation of 100,000,000 VND.

After one month, the event concluded with impressive results. With 1,147 participants covering a total distance of 153,695 km, we surpassed our expectations, raising 307,390,000 VND (2,000 VND/km). Therefore, we were very happy to announce that we achieved our goal of 100,000,000 VND, and we ourselves financed the expenses for the Children's Festival event with this amount.

… to the loving booths for children

The journey spanned about 550 kilometers in total with the participation of more than 30 members. Our destination was Phan Son Parish, located in Bon Thop Village, which is over 35 kilometers from the town.

Naming this event "Children's Festival", we would like to give highland children a diverse experience like a real festival, complete with various booths catering to their culinary and entertainment desires.

Accordingly, we designed 5 games, including Ball Blowing Over Water Glass, Can Toss, Quick Hands Quick Feet, Hoop Toss and Statue/Sand Painting. Each child had 3 game tickets to play their 3 favorite games. With each round of games, depending on the winner or loser, the children received different school supplies, such as pens, erasers, rulers, notebooks...

At the food stall, understanding the preferences of young diners, we served dishes including fried balls, Duong Chau fried rice, stir-fried corn, shredded chicken and crab soup, gelatin dessert, milk tea and soft drinks. Similar to the game counter, each child was given 3 food and 2 drink coupons, and is free to choose his/her favorite dishes.

Simultaneously, a genuine festival couldn’t be complete without vibrant musical performances. In addition to the dances of a local children's group with songs about mountains and forests, the HELUKABEL Vietnam team gave a performance based on the plot of the play named "The Adventures of Captain Sinbad - Great War of the Great Mermaid”. Through the play, we aimed to partly convey the message of family love and environmental protection awareness to children.

To end a day full of laughter, we sent each child a box of candy and snacks tailored to the children's tastes, as our wishes for June 1. Hopefully, with “Children’s Festival”, the children will have an enjoyable and memorable experience in their childhood.

Let's take a look at the highlights of this special trip!