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Helukabel is known as a long-standing and reputable brand from the Federal Republic of Germany since 1978, providing solutions for control cables, signals and wiring solutions according to special industrial needs from customers.


Founded in 1978 in Germany, the Helukabel brand has spent more than 45 years developing signal and control cable technology with seven manufacturing and assembly facilities globally. The company is headquartered in Hemmingen (Germany) and as of 2021, the Helukabel brand is present in 39 countries and 63 locations on continents with total sales of more than 600 million euros. Contributing to the development of the corporation over time is the contribution from a team of more than 2,200 employees and investment in technology and software applied to the field of Logistics and business operations. With the above impressive numbers, Helukabel constantly improves production technology to meet the needs of ensuring stable, efficient, high-performance and safe machine operation at factories and production facilities.

The HELUKABEL Group was established in 1978


To ensure stability, efficiency, performance and safety, all Helukabel products undergo strict quality control stages at the manufacturing plant, in which mechanical checks are performed. Such as bending, stretching, crushing, burning are performed to evaluate product quality. Infrastructure at the factory plays a prerequisite role in performing these quality tests with investment in modern equipment such as:
. Torsion test tower for wind power cables,
. Drag chain test equipment,
. Fire testing equipment,
. Abrasion testing equipment,
. Test facilities for bending and torsion requirements,
. Aging furnaces according to UL, VDE, CSA, HAR, TÜV, CCC standards.
The testing is carried out according to national and international standards that guarantee and confirm the high quality of products from Helukabel. Up to now in 2021, control cables, signals and accessories from Helukabel have achieved German national certification (VDE) and 16 other international certifications such as (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, NEMKO, CSA, IMQ, BSI, CCC, DEMKO, CE, CEB, HAR, TÜV, …).

Product quality assurance and certificate system


At Helukabel, sustainable development is always a long-term direction and to achieve that goal, environmental protection is always a top priority. The energy source used in production comes from solar power plants invested and developed by the group itself, and an integrated quality and environmental management system applied by the group based on DIN EN standards. ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009, committed to simultaneously producing quality and minimizing negative impacts on the living environment.

Sustainable development is one of our goal


With the market demand for signal and control cables increasing, Helukabel Vietnam was established in 2016 to meet the need for signal and control cable solutions in specific industries such as wood production (MDF), heavy metal production, automobile manufacturing industry (Automotive), food and beverage (F&B),... Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City with a network in other provinces , Helukabel Vietnam, with a team of technical engineers, provides solutions and advice on signal cables, control cables or special cables according to the needs of the factory. Besides, our customer service is always flexible in terms of Logistics, payment and technical consulting before, during and after the construction phase.



With a product portfolio of more than 33,000 units, Helukabel Vietnam offers many options according to production needs at the factory. Helukabel's product portfolio includes but is not limited to 6 groups: Industrial Cables & Wires, Infrastructure Cables & Wires, Data and Network Cables, BUS technology (Data, Network & BUS Technology Cables & Wires), Multimedia Cables (Media Cables), Special Cables (Special Cables) and accessories (Cables Accessories). In addition, our team of engineers can advise your business for free to choose the right product to meet the special production requirements of the machines at the factory.

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Custom cables and wired based on customer's needs