How essential is maintenance for drag chain products?

In episode 6 of the topic "Drag Chains - Solutions for Future Motion applications", Mr. Bilal Ismail - Sales Director for Asia (minus China) of EKD Systems GmbH will share about the maintenance of drag chain products.

The drag chain products in the factory

1. Do drag chain products require regular maintenance like other equipment in the factory?

Drag chains rarely need maintenance. After installation is complete, we almost will not need to care about it anymore. Especially, plastic chains do not need to be lubricated. Yet, there are two points to note as follows:

First, when a machine stops working for some time, there will usually be a technical team bringing tools to maintain it. When the maintenance is done, we need to carefully check if there are any objects left in the drag chain system, before putting it back into operation. The reason is that this team often carries many tools and they may drop or forget them in the system. Pre-inspection is very important. Although the chain is only a small part of the system, the system is very much related to other parts. If we do not thoroughly inspect whether the drag chain path is obstructed or not, we may encounter problems during operation.

Second, along the way, we only need to monitor the operating conditions of the drag chain to ensure that it runs smoothly and without obstructions. There is no need to lubricate, the drag chain will still work well.

2. Are there any special requirements for cable products in drag chains?

The answer is yes and this is related to the factor “Environment” mentioned earlier. Whether it is outdoor, under ice and snow, in summer or winter, the choice of cable type is as important as that of the drag chain. Therefore, through our collaboration, EKD Systems and HELUKABEL offer a variety of products that can be operated in different conditions.

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