JZ-500: flexible control cables

With our current diversified control cable product portfolio, JZ-500 is one of our best-selling products in the Vietnam market. This product is VDE certified and suitable for industrial applications.

Information about the JZ-500 control cable

The JZ-500 is a flexible control cable with an operating voltage of 300V/500V. There are many types of JZ-500 cable with different characteristics depending on the purpose of use that you can choose from PVC, PUR, LSHF sheath material, and gray, black, or orange outer sheath.

Usually, the most popular JZ-500 product on the market has a sheath made of PVC material. In particular, this cable is resistant to oil vapor, chemical vapors, and limited fire and explosion, flexibility class 5 according to IEC 60228 standard.

The cable is designed with a variety of cores and has up to 100 cores with cross-sections from 0.5mm2 to 185mm2. Conductive cores consist of many small strands twisted together, creating a high degree of flexibility that allows the cable to absorb and suppress machine vibrations in the production line. Moreover, the high flexibility also helps to increase bending and quick construction in narrow spaces, saving pipes, troughs, and other auxiliary materials in the construction.

Information about the JZ-500 control cable

Structure of control cable JZ-500

JZ-500 cable is used for flexible applications involving free movement, no traction application, and no motion control in wet or dry rooms. However, this cable is not suitable for outdoor use.

The cable is also applied as a connection and control cable in machine equipment, assembly lines, conveyors, production lines, factory construction, air-conditioning technology, furnaces, and the steel industry. Selected PVC compounds ensure good flexibility and quick installation.

With these features and benefits, JZ-500 is considered a suitable product for use in factories with high durability. Please contact us for technical assistance from our engineers.

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