Recently, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, visited the factory of Kim Tin Group to inspect and maintain the cable system installed in the factory. In addition to providing wire, cable, and accessories products, our specialized engineering team is always ready to assist customers in solving technical problems and ensure that the application of cables is efficient and achieves maximum performance.

Kim Tin Group is a corporation dealing in many industries such as welding materials, non-ferrous metals, MDF boards, MDF products, mining, transportation, etc. In over 22 years of establishment and development, the group has constantly been researching and manufacturing products to serve customers, especially Kim Tin's products, which are available on 5 continents, accounting for 45% of the market share of materials nationwide. In order to accomplish the current achievements, Kim Tin Group has invested in manufacturing plants with machinery and equipment of international standards, in order to ensure efficient operation and achieve the highest efficiency.

Outside the production plant of Kim Tin Group.
Inside the production plant of Kim Tin Group.

We, HELUKABEL Vietnam, are pleased to have played a part in helping Kim Tin Group's production plant operate smoothly and stably. When Kim Tin Group was looking for electrical connection solutions, specifically control cables for each machine line, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, responded quickly and promptly to the requirements.

Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam, said: “There are many factors for the Kim Tin Group to decide to cooperate with HELUKABEL Vietnam. But the most important factor is that they find the optimal solutions at HELUKABEL. At that time, the Kim Tin factory used German technology and most of the machines were imported from abroad and required the attached cables to meet European standards, especially Germany's. Thus, with a wide range of cable products available at HELUKABEL Germany, and the support and dedicated advice of our sales department, we and Kim Tin Group have become close partners".

One of our cable products, HELUKABEL in the factory of Kim Tin group.

Currently, the cable products used in the production plant of Kim Tin Group almost all have the origins of the HELUKABEL brand. A representative of Kim Tin's factory said: “Normally, the factory will maintain the whole system one day per month, and there will be one to two main maintenance sessions depending on the results from the monthly maintenance sessions. If monthly maintenance sessions require more time, the following months will stop the machine in the factory for about 7 to 8 days”. During machine downtime for maintenance, our specialized engineers also visit the factory and check the quality and any problems with the cables in the machinery system. Depending on the condition of the wire, we will offer solutions to help the factory overcome the problems it is facing, so that the factory can go into an effective product as soon as possible.

Our engineers and employees of Kim Tin Group are checking the cable system in the factory.
Our engineers are checking the cable system in the factory.

In the future, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, hope to continue to accompany Kim Tin Group by providing many international standard cable products for the factory, helping the factory to operate efficiently, and contributing a small part in promoting the production of products that serve the lives of people in the country. We, HELUKABEL Vietnam, not only provide products but also provide customer care and maintenance services so that customers can use them with peace of mind. We are always ready to accompany customers at every stage of development.