Strong and Healthy in Primary School

HELUKABEL supports the Klasse2000 program as a sponsor of the primary school in Hemmingen

Strong and Healthy in Primary School

HELUKABEL supports primary school in Hemmingen as a member of the "Klasse2000" programme and is sponsoring class 2b this school year.

The new school year has started in all German states, introducing approximately 800,000 first graders to a new phase of life. "Klasse2000" is a teaching programme that aims to prepare young people for the challenges of life. The programme follows the motto "Strong and healthy in primary school," informing pupils in grades one to four about key subjects such as healthy eating, exercise, and prevention of violence and addiction. Every child should receive help and support for their healthy development, regardless of their background. Since 1991, over two million kids have participated in the initiative and more than 22,000 schools joined in the last academic year.

Hemmingen Primary School is among them, situated just a few metres away from HELUKABEL's HQ. HELUKABEL backs the school as part of the "Klasse2000" initiative and is financing class 2b this year. "We're committed to providing the best possible environment for the next generation to grow up in our village," says Managing Director Marc Luksch. Research has shown that early and ongoing assistance is effective and valuable for students' positive development. As a result, we aim to ensure that all first graders have an excellent start to their academic journey!

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