Crossing the Outback with the Power of the Sun

Supporting the student-led solar car initiative “Team Sonnenwagen Aachen”

Solar racing car from Team Sonnenwagen Aachen

Powered exclusively by solar cells, the solar car titled the "Covestro Adelie" can reach an impressive top speed of 136 km/h. This marvel of engineering was built by a combined team from two universities in Aachen, Germany, who have been researching and building solar-powered race cars since 2015. The fourth generation of solar cars was completed in 2023 with the support of HELUKABEL, which supplied the various cables connecting the solar car's different components. Whether it's hot and dry or cold and damp, these dependable cables ensure the efficient flow of energy to components ranging from the batteries to the solar modules; from the drive engine to the control system. A highlight for the team was participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge last year, which is a 3,000-kilometre-long race through the Australian Outback. This was an amazing experience for the students, and also clearly shows that, even in these extreme conditions, such spectacular performances are made possible by HELUKABEL products.