Outstanding features of TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J cable

In automated production, TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J motor connection cable plays an important role in the signal transmission process. This cable ensures continuity between components, contributing to stable machine operation.

1. Cable structure and technical data

TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J is a motor connection cable for frequency converters in alignment with DIN VDE 0250. Its conductors are made of finely stranded copper according to DIN VDE 0295 Class 5 and IEC 60228 Class 5.

This cable has 4 cores in 4 distinct colors: brown, black, gray, and green-yellow. Each core is insulated with PE material, providing excellent electrical insulation and waterproofing. The cores are shielded by two concentric layers: a plastic-coated aluminum foil and a tin-plated copper braid with approximately 85% coverage. This structure ensures good anti-interference capability, allowing inverters to operate stably and maintaining strong signal transmission. The outer sheath, made from a durable transparent PVC plastic, can withstand significant force and resist chemical corrosion.

The cable has 4 cores in 4 colors: brown, black, gray, and green-yellow.
The cable has 4 cores in 4 colors: brown, black, gray, and green-yellow.

The minimum bending radius of the cable in fixed installations is 4 times larger than the outer diameter. In construction, it depends on the cable's cross-section. Specifically, for wires with cross-sections below and above 12mm, it is 10 times and 15 times larger than the outer diameter, respectively, showing high flexibility.

A special feature of this cable is its meter marking according to the metric system. Numbers printed on the cable surface indicate length at specific points, allowing users to easily determine where to cut and manage the remaining cable efficiently.

2. Properties of TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J cable

TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J cable has been tested for flame-retardant according to DIN VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2 and IEC 60332-1-2 standards. It performs well in environments with temperatures ranging from +5°C to +70°C during construction and from -40°C to +70°C in fixed installations.

Additionally, this cable meets electromagnetic compatibility according to DIN VDE 0875-11 and DIN EN 55011 standards, with a nominal voltage of AC U0/U 600/1000V. The maximum permissible operating voltage is specified as follows:

. Alternating current (AC) conductor/earth: 700 V

. Three-phase alternating current (AC) conductor/conductor: 1200 V

. Direct current (DC) conductor/earth: 900 V

. Direct current (DC) conductor/conductor: 1800 V

The low coupling resistance helps TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J cable ensure good electromagnetic compatibility. Likewise, the low mutual capacitance of the individual cores enables low-loss power transmission.

3. Applications of TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J cable

TOPFLEX-EMV-2YSLCY-J cable is used as a connection cable for medium mechanical stress with fixed installations, and occasional free movement. It is suitable for use in dry, damp or wet rooms, however not suitable for outdoor applications.

This cable offers a fairly wide cross-section range from 1.5mm² to 185mm², meeting a variety of users' needs. To optimize electromagnetic compatibility properties, it is recommended to use the cable with a double-sided and all-round large contact area of the copper braiding.

This cable offers a cross-section range from 1.5mm² to 185mm².
This cable offers a cross-section range from 1.5mm² to 185mm².

Thanks to the above characteristics, this cable is often used in the automotive, food, packaging and chemical industries, as well as in the environmental technology sector. In particular, it is especially suitable for use with industrial pumps, ventilators, conveyor belts, air conditioning installations and similar applications.

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