Part 3: 7 Benefits of Drag Chains

What are the benefits of using drag chains in the industry? The EKD drag chain provided by HELUKABEL meets the quality requirements and is highly applicable.

Drag chains are indispensable devices in high-frequency continuous motion applications. So, what makes this device such a powerful assistant in industries? In the latest episode of the topic "Drag Chains - Solutions for Future Motion Applications", Mr. Bilal Ismail, Area Sales Manager for Asia (minus China) of EKD Systems, will bring information about the 7 benefits of using drag chains in the industry.

According to Mr. Bilal Ismail, the main purpose of drag chains is to help the cable system be organized, thereby protecting and managing cables more effectively in moving applications. The drag chain is like the spine of a body, which protects and ensures stable operation of cable systems, which is likened to the important nerves in the production apparatus. In the video, our expert will give you the 7 benefits of drag chains below.

1. Enhanced cable lifespan

If cables and hoses are not protected by drag chains, they will be susceptible to external wear and tear in moving applications. Even the cables can break if continuously moving in harsh conditions. In this situation, the lifespan of cables and hoses can be significantly reduced, which results in frequent replacement of cables and costs.

When the right drag chain is used, cables and hoses are secured, organized, and always well protected when continuous movements take place. Drag chains help reduce the need for frequent cable and hose replacement and avoid production line downtime due to new cable replacements.

2. Stable signal

Drag chains help prevent cables and hoses from being over-stretched or twisted or tangled in motion. From there, the transmission of signal and energy or liquid inside the cable or pipe is active continuously without interruption. Drag chains improve the overall reliability and performance of the equipment, reducing the risk of malfunctions and operating errors.

3. Increased safety

Drag chains contribute to a safe working environment in manufacturing plants. First of all, cables and hoses are all installed and managed inside the cable chain, which avoids cable entanglement and breakage when in contact with moving parts. Thanks to the cable management and control function of drag chains, you'll be able to meet safety regulations with peace of mind and reduce the risk of employee injury and equipment damage.

4. Easy installation and maintenance

Drag chains are designed for easy installation and maintenance. They often have an open or detachable design, allowing quick and convenient installation and replacement of cables. Thus, this saves a lot of time and effort.

5. Flexibility and Customization

Drag chains at EKD Systems come in many sizes, materials, and configurations, so you can choose the right product for your application. These products can be used for many types of cables and hoses or several weights and environmental conditions.

In addition, when customers have requirements for the corresponding drag chain for each application, we at EKD Systems also support design and customization to provide the optimal solution according to your requirements.

6. Noise and vibration reduction

Drag chains reduce noise and vibration caused by movement, which helps to keep the operating environment quiet and does not affect the surroundings. In particular, this benefit of reducing noise and vibration also helps a lot in offices where quietness is required.

7. Increased efficiency

By minimizing the stress and friction of cables and hoses, the pull-and-push action of drag chains reduces weight and improves overall equipment performance. Therefore, using drag chains can save costs and protect the environment, contributing to sustainable development.

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Drag chains are designed and manufactured to make industrial motion applications easier and more efficient. With the right investment from the start, the drag chain will bring more than the 7 main benefits mentioned above. At EKD Systems, drag chain products are diverse in design and size, made from many different materials such as plastic and steel, stainless steel, etc. Especially, with a team of engineers specializing in drag chain design and manufacture, we are ready to assist you to design and customize the product to get the best solution.

We, HELUKABEL, and our subsidiary, EKD Systems, can provide you with a comprehensive range of dedicated power cable and drag chain solutions. For more details about our solutions and product portfolio, you can contact our engineers for instant support.

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