Channeling power at the border

On October 14, 2023, the inauguration ceremony of Huoi Hao A School, Ang To commune, Muong Ang district, Dien Bien province took place successfully.

  • Huoi Hao A School in Dien Bien province.

  • Inauguration ceremony of Huoi Hoa A school in Dien Bien province.

Dien Bien is a mountainous area, whose border has complex and dangerous terrain and is located far from major economic centers, so it is facing difficulties in economic development. This geographical disadvantage also leads to problems in education in highland areas. Although attention has been paid to investment in education, many schools are still facing many difficulties in terms of facilities and lack of teaching and learning equipment.

Among the poor districts in this border area, Muong Ang is a district located in the East of Dien Bien province. The place is still suffering from the lack of all aspects, and Huoi Hao school is now in the most difficult situation in Ang To Commune, Muong Ang district. (*) The school has 66 students including 43 Kindergarten students, 23 Primary students, and 3 teachers. The Huoi Hao school was built 15 years ago with a roof made of thin corrugated iron sheets. Due to the unavailability of electricity, both teachers and students must study and work in the harsh hot weather of the Dien Bien region. At the same time, the road to the village is also full of challenges with many steep passes and mud, but both teachers and students strive to overcome them to take classes every day.

Understanding the difficulties that teachers and students here must go through, SEN Charity and Vietcombank, represented by the Information Technology Center and Sales Operations Management Center Retail, have decided to support the construction of a new Huoi Hao school site belonging to Son Ca Kindergarten and Bua Village Primary School for Ethnic Minorities. The new school was built with the design of 02 kindergarten classrooms 01 primary school classroom, 01 toilet, and a concrete playground.

In addition, to support the school's electrical system, one of the benefactors who contributed to this project is Nang Luong Yeu Thuong Group (**). Mr. Vu Huy Song, a representative of Nang Luong Yeu Thuong Group, said: "The Group has mobilized and sponsored the entire Solar storage system, lighting system with solar lights, 01 TV, 01 refrigerator, 01 bookcase, and many accompanying teaching equipment. The entire cost was mobilized by the Group from the green energy-loving community nationwide, including accompanying companies such as Deye, HELUKABEL, Jolywood, Axitec, Runergy, Gelta, KST...".

  • Huoi Hao A School is built with full functions to serve teaching and learning.

  • The solar energy system installed by Loving Energy Group has a capacity of 4.8 kWp.

  • SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K cables are installed in solar energy systems.

With the cooperation of benefactors, Huoi Hao A school was inaugurated and put into operation on October 14, 2023, with a system of modern and complete facilities, serving teaching and creating better learning conditions for students.

Being aware of the project through the connection of Mr. Vu Huy Song, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, are delighted to have contributed a small part, together with the Nang Luong Yeu Thuong Group to light up Huoi Hao A School. With the support of the business community, the SEN charity, and the Loving Energy Group, we believe that not only this school but also many other schools will be the ideal learning environment for children in the border area.

(*) Information was taken from the website of the SEN Charity.

(**) Nang Luong Yeu Thuong Group was founded by Mr. Vu Huy Song and Mr. Pham The Anh. The Group is currently operating with the motto of spreading love, and bringing green energy to difficult areas without grid power systems such as schools, border posts, social centers, and remote areas, borders, islands, etc.