More than 12.000 visitors at VIMF 2023 exhibition

On November 8-10, 2023, we, HELUKABEL, provided electrical connection technology solutions for industries at booth B59 of the VIMF 2023 exhibition in Bac Ninh, Vietnam.

On November 8-10, 2023, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, were present at the Vietnam Industrial Manufacturing Fair (VIMF) 2023 combined with the Vietnam Industrial Automation Fiesta (VIAF) 2023 in the North region. This is one of the largest industrial exhibitions in Vietnam, held at Kinh Bac Cultural Center, Bac Ninh province. At the exhibition, we brought a complete set of solutions for comprehensive electrical connection technology including electric cables, cable accessories, drag chains, and other products.

Potential for industrial development in Bac Ninh

  • Our booth at the VIMF Bac Ninh 2023 Exhibition.

  • Customers coming to our booth, HELUKABEL, can enjoy cups of Cappuccino and chat with our engineers.

According to the article “Bắc Ninh: Chỉ số sản xuất công nghiệp tháng 8/2023 tăng khá” (Bac Ninh: Industrial production index in August 2023 increased quite well) in the Cong Thuong newspaper, in August 2023, industrial production in this area maintained recovery momentum for the 6th consecutive month. The industrial production index increased compared to that of the previous month (+8.24%). Three level 1 industries increased significantly: the processing and manufacturing industries and the production and distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam, and air conditioning. Besides, other industries also have great growth potential.

To promote stronger growth and development of industries, automation is an important keyword. Applying automation in production helps increase productivity and ensure consistent product quality. Understanding this, at the VIMF exhibition, we, HELUKABEL, bring comprehensive electrical connection technology solutions including electric cables, cable accessories, and drag chains.

Comprehensive electrical connection technology solutions at the exhibition

  • Customers can experience products and receive advice from our engineers.

Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, General Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam shared: "We are happy to be back to the VIMF Bac Ninh exhibition to meet our customers here. Although we have heard a lot of bad news, the Vietnamese market is still growing very strongly, and we are optimistic about that. And we are here to provide accurate, stable, and sustainable electrical connection solutions for our customers' manufacturing plants, helping industries develop further in the future."

At the VIMF 2023 exhibition, customers enjoyed hot cups of cappuccino and in-depth conversations with our engineers. With a portfolio of 33,000 products, we can fully provide the most suitable solution for your application. Depending on each specific application, our products can be customized according to technical requirements to ensure quality and optimize costs.

Mr. Do Xuan Hoang, a visitor, said: "Being used according to the right standards and the right types, electric cables will have a very durable life. Anti-interference feature is an important factor, so we must choose the correct and appropriate cable line, so we can overcome problems when choosing the wrong cable in production."

In addition to electric cable products serving the industrial sector with anti-interference ability, high flexibility, good heat resistance, etc., we also offer drag chain solutions from EKD Systems. This product plays an important role in navigating and protecting cables in production. A set of drag chain solutions and specialized cable lines for chains were also introduced at this year's exhibition. You can see more of our drag chain product catalog HERE.

At the end of the VIMF 2023 exhibition, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, would like to send our sincere thanks to our customers and partners who have always trusted and accompanied us at the exhibition. Our event would not have been possible without your participation. In addition to the issues that we have answered at the exhibition, if you still have any technical issues, please contact our engineers for further advice.

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