HELUKABEL News in May 2024: Trending domestic and international news

Let’s stay informed and updated with HELUKABEL News in May 2024 with the recent events and news related to the electric cable field!

HELUKABEL News in May 2024: Trending domestic and international news

Heatwave leads to record-breaking electricity consumption

In late April 2024, intense hot weather occurred in all three regions, causing nationwide electricity consumption to reach a record high. At 1:30 p.m. on April 27, 2024, the national maximum capacity hit 47,670 MW. Before that, the national consumption on April 26, 2024 reached 993 million kWh.

Specifically in the Northern region, as this marks the onset of the first severe heatwave, electricity consumption, although higher than previous periods, has not yet reached the previous peak levels. Thus, electricity consumption in the North is likely to continue to increase during the forthcoming summer heatwaves.

Source: EVN

A new subsea cable is planned to link Africa and Asia

Mauritius’s top telecommunications company is in talks with operators including Reliance Jio Infocomm and Orange for a new undersea cable linking Africa, Indian Ocean islands and Asia. It aims at improving redundancy in the regions hit by breakdowns.

The new line named T4 will replace the South Africa-Far East (Safe) cable that’s coming to end of life in 2027, a quarter of a century after commissioning. According to CEO of Mauritius Telecom, T4 will have a thousand times more capacity than Safe.

Source: Techpoint Africa

HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE cable is approved for use in drinking water

HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE cable of HELUKABEL was initially introduced in 2021. The latest version of this water-resistant cable comes with additional approvals for drinking water, expanding applications in the food and beverage industry.

Specifically, the cable gets the approval according to KTW BWGL (evaluation basis for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water). This approval confirms the hygienic safety of the cable and complements the existing W270 approval from the German Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). The new HELUPOWER AQUATIC-750-BLUE also holds the required drinking water approvals for Italy and Poland with the DM 174 and the PZH.

Copper mining will be the key to the world’s economy in the future

Copper is projected to shape the 21st-century global economy amidst a rush by numerous nations to transition to renewable energy. According to research from S&P Global Group (USA), to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, copper demand is expected to double to 50 million tons by 2035.

However, ensuring an adequate copper supply is challenging. A potential copper shortage could lead to soaring prices, endangering the economics of electric vehicles and renewable energy, as well as impeding the transition to green energy. Therefore, governments are actively seeking to secure future copper supplies.

Source: Reuters

Microsoft and Brookfield join hands in the largest green energy deal in history

On May 1, Microsoft (USA) and Brookfield (Canada) announced that they had reached an agreement to develop renewable energy. It is known that the agreement is nearly 8 times larger in scale than the largest renewable energy purchase agreement that the business has ever signed.

Brookfield said it plans to develop a new solar and wind farm with a capacity of over 10.5 GW for Microsoft. Meanwhile, Microsoft aims for its global data centers to use carbon-free electricity by 2030.

Source: PaySpace Magazine