HELUTOP HT-MS cable glands

There are many types of cable glands on the market, and the HELUTOP HT-MS produced by us, HELUKABEL has achieved VDE international certification. However, to ensure safety and maximize the function of cable glands, customers should follow the correct techniques, operate, and check regularly before putting them into operation in the works.

Why do we use cable glands?

Cable glands are indispensable accessories when using any type of power cable, helping to fix and ensure safety between cables and equipment. At the same time increase the durability and improve the efficiency of the project.

Cable glands are designed in many different sizes depending on the needs of each customer. Above all, based on the diameter of the cable to choose the right size cable tie, cable glands that are too big or too small will affect the tightening force, leading to the safety of the project.

In addition, customers also need to follow the correct techniques, operations, and regular checks before putting them into operation.

When should we use cable glands?

The structure of HELUTOP HT-MS cable glands

Unlike the HELUTOP HT cable glands, the HELUTOP HT-MS cable glands are designed to be upgraded with specialized materials such as

  • Brass, nickel plated
  • Clamp: Polyamide PA 6
  • Seal: Chloroprene-rubber (CR)
  • O-ring: NBR


  • Phosphorus free
  • Silicone free
  • Cadmium free
  • Optimum strain relief through clamping plates
  • Easy to assemble, save time and cost
  • Waterproof, dustproof
  • Large clamping areas
Properties of HELUTOP HT-MS cable glands

Technical data

  • Protection class: IP 68 - 5 bar / IP 69K
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to +100°C
  • Test standard: EN50262


Cable glands help protect and fix cables when connecting to equipment, commonly used in applications requiring high tightening, strength, and safety. For instance in the areas:

  • Building factories and machines
  • Robotic technology
  • Automation technology
  • Crafting vehicles and building ships
  • Railway technology
  • Control room structure

Currently, on the market, many companies are providing all kinds of cable glands, control cables, and accessories. To know which line of control cables and cable glands are standard, safe, and high-performance, you need to find out information about the manufacturer's origin and attached standards.

Our products have undergone rigorous quality control stages at the factory according to national standards, achieving many international certifications (UL, SEV, SEMKO, SGS, OVE, etc). In particular, we also have a cable design department, to help customers solve special technical requirements with the most complete and customized solution. Contact our engineers if you have any questions, and or more technical advice!

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