PROFIBUS PA control cable is an indispensable cable line in the automation control system. With the structure and characteristics they bring, the product can be applied in many manufacturing industries.

Application of Profibus PA control cable

Profibus PA control cable is a high-end cable that improves and replaces conventional systems such as 4-20mA and HART in the process of building and installing automation control systems.

Profibus PA control cable is an indispensable cable in automation control systems because most of the data and power are transmitted through Profibus PA. With a basic structure of 2 conductors and a special protective cover to withstand harsh environments, this cable series allows the transmission and connection of electricity in the plant to be stable and fast.

Structure of the PROFIBUS PA control cable

  • Inner conductor diameter: Copper, bare (AWG 18/1)
  • Core insulation: PE
  • Core colours: rd, gn
  • Stranding element: 2 cores + 2 fillers stranded together
  • Shielding 1: Polyester foil over the stranded bundle
  • Inner sheath material: PVC
  • Shielding 2: Polyester foil, aluminum-lined
  • Total shielding: Cu braid, tinned
  • Armouring: Steel band
  • Outer sheath material: PVC
  • Cable external diameter: app. 7,6 mm ± 0,2 mm
  • Outer sheath colour: Blue

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