While the world is increasingly developing according to the trend of progressive technology, the demand for quality, safe and reliable bus cables is also increasing. However, to ensure that the signal cables' selection fully meets the technical requirements and brings good results, you need to grasp the basic information about cables.

PROFIBUS SK cable information

Profibus SK belongs to the line of bus cables, is designed for continuous motion in the drag chains, and has a special construction that meets the high-performance standards of Siemens. Thanks to the PUR coating, it is also resistant to common mineral oils, lubricating oils, and coolant lubricants. Depending on the application, silver, blue or purple sheaths are available at HELUKABEL Vietnam.

Profibus SK provides a solution for safe signal transmission in the drag chains without obstacles, ensuring flexibility for machinery and equipment without tangling and damaging cables (control and signal cables).

Cable structure

Type cable structureFixed installation, indoor 1x2x0.64 mm
Inner conductor diameter:Copper, bare (AWG 22/1)
Core insulation:Foam-skin-PE
Core colours:rd, gn
Stranding element:Double core
Shielding 1:Polyester foil over stranded bundle
Inner sheath material:PVC
Shielding 2:Polyester foil, aluminium-lined
Total shielding:Cu braid, tinned
Outer sheath material:PVC
Cable external diameter:app. 8,0 mm ± 0,4 mm
Outer sheath colour:Violet similar to RAL 4001

Electrical data

Characteristic impedance:150 Ohm ± 10 %
Conductor resistance, max.:55 Ohm/km
Insulation resistance, min.:1 GOhm x km
Loop resistance:110 Ohm/km max.
Mutual capacitance:35 nF/km nom.
Test voltage:1,5 kV
2,5<kHz9,6 dB/km
38,4 dB/km
4,0 22,0<MHz dB/km
4,0 22,0<MHz dB/km
Technical data of PROFIBUS SK cable

Technical data

Weight:app. 79 kg/km
bending radius, repeated:120 mm
Operating temperature range min.:-40°C
Operating temperature range max.:+80°C
Caloric load, approx. value:1,068 MJ/m
Copper weight:24,00 kg/km


Applicable standards:

Profibus acc. to DIN 19245 T3 and EN50170

Flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-3

UL Style: CMG 75°C or CL3 or AWM 21694 600V

CSA standard: CSA FT 4


HELUKABEL® Profibus SK Indoor + Outdoor have a special structure for processing with the Fast Connect Stripping Tool from Siemens. The indoor version is used for normal requirements in fixed installation applications in equipment; the Outdoor version is used in open-air applications, i.e. can withstand wind, weather, and sun (not for burial directly in the ground).

Profibus SK signal cable is applied in many fields: industrial automation; manufacturing, mining, processing plants… In addition, Profibus SK cable is also used for many types of machinery and equipment such as

  • CNC machines
  • Assembly lines
  • Automated loading and unloading warehouses
  • Packaging industry
  • Automated conveying systems
  • Automotive, steel, mineral, and construction production lines
  • Automated Machines, Robots
  • Airport equipment, wharves, stations
  • Oil rig equipment, shipbuilding, etc.

HELUKABEL Vietnam is a signal and control cable brand with more than 40 years of experience in the global cable industry. We specialize in providing solutions for wires, control and signal cables, and accessories suitable for operating machines in many fields with automation applications. You can find optimal solutions for any field with the advice of our experts.

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