Thousands of visitors came to Propak Vietnam 2024 Exhibition

From April 3rd to April 5th, ProPak Vietnam 2024 was held at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) with the participation of hundreds of exhibitors in relevant fields.

Thousands of visitors came to Propak Vietnam 2024 Exhibition

A networking opportunity for local and global businesses

Propak Vietnam is an annual international trade event, dedicated to the handling, processing and packaging industry. This year 2024 marks the 17th consecutive time the event takes place in Vietnam, serving as a vital networking platform for both local and international businesses.

Not only does it provide attractive exhibition booths, Propak Vietnam 2024 facilitates dynamic discussions on industry trends through a series of seminars during the event. In particular, this year's exhibition also introduces a completely new display area called DrinkTech, highlighting technology and solutions in the beverage sector.

Propak Vietnam 2024 demonstrates its allure through the significant number of businesses signing up to showcase their products and the attendance of numerous visitors. Accordingly, the event brings together hundreds of exhibitors from different countries such as Vietnam, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, India... Thanks to the diversity of products and technology, the exhibition records thousands of visitors within just 3 days.

According to Mr. Michael Przytulla from the German Engineering Mechanical Industry Association (VDMA), there are 12 German businesses attending this year's event, aiming to promote products that enhance food processing and packaging procedures in Vietnam.

Talking about the role of the German Pavilion at the event, Ms. Fatma Semiz from Balland Messe-Service, said: "The German Pavilion is supported by the Federal Ministry of Germany. Products from Germany are always known to have good quality, that's why we are here and help businesses reach customers”.

Mr. Michael Przytulla from the German Engineering Mechanical Industry Association (VDMA)
Ms. Fatma Semiz from Balland Messe-Service

HELUKABEL's booth at Propak Vietnam 2024

As a cable seller, HELUKABEL is a German business at Propak Vietnam this year as a part of the German Pavilion's business team, with a booth located in the area AF08.

We at HELUKABEL are bringing to the exhibition a comprehensive solution for factory production automation. Specifically, we provide a complete display featuring suggested applications for specialized products. Beyond mere exhibition, this year, we've incorporated QR codes alongside each product. Visitors can simply scan the code using their smartphones to obtain relevant product details.

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Moreover, at our booth, HELUKABEL showcases various types of drag chains and custom cables, aiming to offer visitors a diverse range of options and provide valuable recommendations for businesses in need.

Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, General Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam, shared: "Processing and packaging technology is a very fast-growing industry in Vietnam. So, we are here to introduce our industrial automation solution to customers”.

During an interview with HELUKABEL, several visitors expressed positive feedback regarding this year's exhibition. We are greatly honored to have welcomed numerous business representatives during this event. By engaging with engineers at the exhibition, we trust that you have discovered optimal solutions for your business needs.

Mr. Prapan Angsuthasawit, General Director of HELUKABEL Vietnam