When buying a large number of power cables for a project, in addition to the parameters of the cross-section, the AWG number of the conductor, the types of connectors, the material and structure of the conductive core, and the sheath of the cable is also an important factor that should be given attention.

PVC and LSZH cables

Nowadays, many cables are available in a variety of sheaths, so you can use them to suit your environment and budget. In particular, PVC cables and LSZH cables are two popular cables used by many people. However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the sheath of these two cables, and how are their applications? Let's find out in the below article.


PVC sheath

PVC sheath is usually made of polyvinyl chloride material, when burned, it will produce black smoke and produce hydrochloric acid, and some harmful gases. PVC shell is soft and flame-retardant.

In a fire incident, the fire can ignite and spread along the cable, causing the fire to spread rapidly from place to place. The amount of smoke emitted from PVC cables will affect health, cause suffocation, and loss of consciousness and affect the process of escape from the fire.

PVC cables are suitable for use in projects where is no high temperature and a well-ventilated environment.

PVC sheath

Besides conventional PVC sheathed cables, special PVC sheathed cables, or PVC compounds are also suitable for use in the same environments as LSZH.

Some cables are made from special PVC sheath that you can refer to such as JZ-500-C Black EMC-preferred type, Y-CY-JZ EMC-preferred type, and JZ-600, etc.

LSZH sheath

In contrast to PVC sheathed cables, sheathed cables made from LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) are equipped with components containing flame-retardant compounds depending on the manufacturer. When this sheath burning will not contain halogens and harmful substances such as (Flo (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I), Astatine (At – a rare radioactive element that exists naturally in the Earth's crust), Tennessine (Ts).

LSZH cables often are required with fire-resistant wiring according to IEC 60331 (for fire alarm systems). In addition, LSZH cables are also recommended for many other applications, instead of PVC sheaths.

LSZH sheath

Some abbreviations of LSZH have similar meanings such as:

• LS0H: L=Low, S=Smoke, 0=Zero, H=Halogen

• LSHF: L=Low, S=Smoke, H=Halogen, F=Free

LSZH cables are suitable for use in large projects and buildings with a large capacity of people, for instance, shopping centers, manufacturing plants in the field of mechanical engineering, etc. The LSZH is one of the cables that help ensure the safety of human life when unexpected incidents such as fire and explosion occur.

Some other halogen-free cables include SolarFlex (solar cable), JZ-500 HMH, HELUTHERM 7629, and H07RN-LSZH.

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