Record-Breaking Start to Apprenticeships

On September 1st, the German HELUKABEL locations in Hemmingen and Windsbach welcomed a group of new apprentices and dual study students on their first day of work. This time, we had the pleasure of welcoming an especially large number of future colleagues: With 23 young individuals, the 2023 training cohort marks the largest in the company's history!

Record-Breaking Start to Apprenticeships

HELUKABEL welcomes 23 new apprentices and dual students at its locations in Hemmingen and Windsbach - more than ever before.

Graduates training at HELUKABEL have a diverse range of apprenticeship programs and study paths to choose from. These include roles such as logistics specialists, industrial management assistants, machine and equipment operators, as well as opportunities in business administration and business informatics. "This year, more young people have chosen to pursue apprenticeships with us than ever before," expressed Alexandra Wellinger, Training Manager. "This demonstrates that, despite strong competition in the region, we remain highly attractive as an employer. This is incredibly important in the face of the ongoing skills shortage."

For the aspiring specialists and future leaders, HELUKABEL offers a rich learning experience. They are seamlessly integrated into the team from day one, take on exciting and diverse tasks, and rotate through various departments during their training. This comprehensive understanding of the entire company proves to be a crucial advantage for their successful careers. The success of HELUKABEL's training concept is evident through the high retention rate, currently at around 98%, and the numerous former apprentices and students who continue to work with us for many years, some even becoming mentors for new trainees. In this spirit, we extend a warm welcome to the latest members of the HELUKABEL family!

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