Waterproof DC Cables according to AD8 standard

SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K are dedicated DC cable lines for solar projects, meeting AD8 water resistance standards at HELUKABEL.

Waterproof DC Cables according to AD8 standard

In the rainy season, the solar system often encounters many problems when the power cable system breaks, opens, fades, the insulation is waterproof, or the inverter reports a DC error and stops working. To solve these problems, AD8 waterproof standard DC power cable is one of the effective solutions.

Why does the DC cable need to meet the AD8 water resistance standard?

Vietnam has the potential to develop the solar energy industry thanks to its location near the equator and sunny areas as much as in the South-Central provinces. However, along with the potential of light sources, there are other challenges when entering the rainy season. Specifically, from the beginning of May to November, solar projects will have problems with damaged power cables due to direct contact with water or even being immersed in rainwater.

Broken power cables, open items, fading, waterproof insulation, or the inverter reports DC errors and stops working are common phenomena when power cables are exposed for too long in a high-humidity environment. Especially for power cables in photovoltaic systems, they are often exposed to rainwater and harsh outdoor environments.

Faced with the above situation, to contribute to limiting unexpected losses and electrical problems, manufacturers have researched and added water resistance standards to power cables to help them work well in high humidity conditions, for a certain period. In particular, the AD8 standard related to the water resistance of the cables also needs to be included in one of the essential criteria when choosing a DC power cable.

What is the AD8 water resistance standard?

The AD8 waterproof standard is designed for power cables that require operation in high-humidity environments, often in contact with water. Some cables that meet the AD8 standard test will be able to work in full and long-lasting water-covered conditions. This standard is equivalent to the IPX8 standard.

The application of water resistance standards is required in swimming pools where electrical equipment is completely submerged.

The AD8 waterproof standard (EN 50525 – 2-21) allows the power cable to be submerged in water for 100 days, or 2,400 hours at 50°C. Specifically, electrical cables to meet this standard will be tested according to EN 50525-2-21, immersed for 100 days/2,400 hours at temperatures up to 50°C with the following results:

  • The voltage at 1 kV AC on cable in water at 50°C for 100 days without any breakdown
  • Mechanical properties on sheath after immersion 100 days at 50°C
  • Minimum tensile strength after immersion 100 days at 50°C > 7 MPa
  • Minimum elongation at break after immersion 100 days at 50°C > 200%
  • Water absorption on sheath after immersion 100 days at 50°C less than 40%
  • Insulation resistance tests with a minimum resistivity of 1011 [1].cm were measured after 14 days in water at 50°C

Depending on project needs and environmental conditions, you should choose a line of water-resistant power cables for solar projects to ensure the capacity and safety of the project.

SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K DC cable meets AD8 standard

You can refer to the SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K line, a dedicated DC cable line for solar projects, meeting AD8 water resistance standards at HELUKABEL.

Besides the advantages of UV resistance, weather resistance, halogen-free, flame-retardant standards, and many more features, the DC SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K cable has 2 outstanding features such as

  • Water resistant according to AD8 standard, DIN VDE standard 0285 – 525 – 2 – 21 / DIN VDE EN 50525 – 2 -2 Appendix E
  • Cables can also be used to bury directly in the ground: Normally, power cables that want to be buried in the ground need to have a protective conduit, but when using a tube, you will have trouble checking the signal transmission and repairing it if they have problems. Therefore, the line of cables buried directly saves costs associated with protection pipes and is easy to repair when needed.
SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K are dedicated DC cable lines for solar projects, meeting AD8 water resistance standards at HELUKABEL.
SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K are dedicated DC cable lines for solar projects, meeting AD8 water resistance standards at HELUKABEL.

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In addition, the SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K cables will help you ensure a stable power transmission even when the soil environment is wet, even if the areas are partially flooded and have not been drained due to heavy rain caused by standard AD8.

Thus, when choosing a power cable for a solar project, you should consider the water resistance standard to ensure that the project always operates stably and effectively in all weather conditions. If you need in-depth advice on electrical connection technology for solar energy systems, please contact our engineers for quick support.

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