In the field of F&B, equipment and machines are always washed and cleaned continuously to ensure that food and beverages always meet food safety standards. Therefore, the control cable used in this environment needs to meet the technical requirements and perform well in the cleaning chemical environment.

Requirements of the F&B industry

F&B is a food and beverage manufacturing industry, so hygiene is always a top priority. Therefore, the way the equipment is installed as well as the type of control cable used should also meet industry standards.

Electrical cables used in the F&B industry need to ensure quality, withstand the impact of chemicals continuously for a long time, be safe for employees, and not affect food quality.

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Features of the production plants of the F&B industry

Food factories will be divided into many processing zones with corresponding functions. Therefore, the control cables used for each zone also need to meet the standards of that region. The food production and processing areas, this is a particularly important areas since only one mistake can affect the quality of food and drinks when produced on the market.

If the product quality is not guaranteed, it can directly affect the health of consumers. Therefore, production facilities must ensure regular cleaning of equipment and machinery in the production line are cleaned several times a day by using acidic or alkaline water sprayers capable of cleaning effectively.

Risks from using the wrong cables

In the case of using poor quality electrical cables, chemical reactions encountering high temperatures will affect the production process of the factory and the quality of output products. Where the cable used does not meet the minimum industry standards, the cable's outer sheath and insulation will gradually corrode and lose the cable's insulation or the cable will swell.

  • This can cause harm, such as causing a fire during signal transmission when the current is open.
  • Danger to the lives of employees and factory workers
  • The sheath of the power cable reacts and degrades when subjected to frequent detergents and disinfectants.
  • The cable sheath, when corroded, can fall into the food, affecting the quality of the food and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Reasons to use chemical-resistant cables

Based on the basic and specific requirements of manufacturing plants in the F&B industry, it can be seen that this is a working environment with extreme temperatures. At the same time, it is often subjected to chemicals and detergents to clean equipment and machines. Therefore, the type of cable used also needs to meet the environment's extreme temperatures and not deform under the continuous impact of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals.

A chemical-resistant cable is a cable with an outer sheath that acts as a barrier to protect the conductor from the effects of chemicals, the environment, and temperature, thereby ensuring the signal transmission of the control cable is always stable. Cable sheaths now offer a wide range of resistance to oils, extreme temperatures, and chemicals. Some high-grade compounds that form a chemical-resistant sheath include special PVC compounds (special PVC type Z, TM2,...), polyurethane (PUR), fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), and thermoplastic elastomers plasticity (TPE).

Chemical-resistant cable solutions for the F&B sector

Currently, we, HELUKABEL Vietnam, are providing 2 of the many cable lines that meet the standards of the factories in the F&B industry:


This is a control cable line that can be installed in hazardous areas, often under the impact of chemicals, detergents, and disinfectants. OB-BL-PAAR-CY is a line of cables with a chemical-resistant sheath, made suitable for the installation of closed circuit systems, using a steel structure combined with copper for resistance to electrification, signal transmission and stable signal.


BIOFLEX-500®-JZ Cable

HELUKABEL® BIOFLEX-500-JZ is an extremely premium control cable with high strength due to its anti-corrosion and anti-variability properties. With its inability to be worn and modified by bio-oils and coolants, it is particularly suitable for use in manufacturing plants in the F&B industry. The high flexibility of this cable makes installation quick and easy, suitable for outdoor use.

BIOFLEX-500®-JZ Cable

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