Mining Vietnam 2024: A gathering for businesses within the industry

After a year of absence, the Mining Vietnam Exhibition (Vietnam’s international mining, minerals recovery and construction exhibition) is back with strong statistics recorded. It ran for three days, from April 24 to April 26, at National Exhibition Construction Center (NECC) in Hanoi City.

Mining Vietnam 2024: A gathering for businesses within the industry

More than 130 businesses participate in Mining Vietnam 2024

The Mining Vietnam Exhibition occurs biennially in the Northern region, an area known for its robust mining industry, featuring significant mines and ore sites. This year 2024 marks the 6th time this international event has taken place in Vietnam, considered as a trade opportunity that cannot be missed by businesses in the industry.

The exhibition welcomes over 130 exhibitors representing more than 13 different countries and regions, including Germany, France, Italy, England, Vietnam, Poland, Korea, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore… With a sprawling display area of 7,000 square meters, the event attracts over 3,000 visitors, including experts, engineers, and business representatives across the country.

HELUKABEL Vietnam is one of the German businesses at Mining Vietnam 2024. This is the first time we have ever participated in this international exhibition.

Diverse display portfolio at the exhibition

Mining Vietnam 2024 offers a rich array of exhibits, serving the key mining industry group. The exhibition prioritizes showcasing cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art machinery, and equipment as well as relevant products for both Vietnamese and regional markets. In doing so, the exhibition seeks to foster the sustainable growth of the mining sector while opening opportunities for cooperation between industry players and experts.

This year, the Mining Vietnam Exhibition is joining forces with the Construction Vietnam Exhibition, creating a space to display devices and products serving the construction industry with many technologies in automation, chemicals, heavy equipment, infrastructure…

At HELUKABEL Vietnam's booth, we focus on displaying products related to the mining industry, notably Marathon. This is a system consisting of drag chains with supporting rollers, designed for long-distance continuous moving applications. In addition, we also bring to the exhibition plastic and steel drag chains to advise customers on solutions for each specific application.

Khách tham quan đang tìm hiểu về hệ thống Marathon
Visitors are learning about the Marathon system.
Mẫu xích dẫn cáp nhựa được trưng bày tại quầy của HELUKABEL Việt Nam.
The plastic drag chain displayed at HELUKABEL Vietnam's booth.

Simultaneously, we offer some typical cable lines used in heavy industries, along with several standard cables and cable accessories such as connectors, cable glands, cable tripping pliers... to bring the most comprehensive solution to customers.

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Các mẫu cáp được ứng dụng trong ngành công nghiệp nặng.
Some typical cable lines used in heavy industries.
Khu trưng bày các sản phẩm cáp tiêu chuẩn và phụ kiện cáp tại triển lãm.
The display area for standard cable products and cable accessories at the exhibition.

Technical workshops with leading experts

The event brings together representatives from numerous businesses as well as industry experts. Therefore, in addition to the exhibition space, Mining Vietnam 2024 also hosts several seminars, offering a platform for in-depth technical discussions with these experts.

Representing the HELUKABEL brand, Mr. Oliver Schmitz - Global Segment Manager Reeling Cables & Team Manager Custom Cables International, has a presentation on "HELUPOWER Reelability". Here, he introduces the technical features of specialized cable lines used in heavy industries and directly illustrates them with specific cable samples.

Ông Oliver tại buổi hội thảo với chủ đề “HELUPOWER Reelability”.
Mr. Oliver at the seminar with the topic “HELUPOWER Reelability”.

“HELUKABEL is known as one of the leading cable manufacturers in the world. We provide a lot of standard cables and customized cables, and now we are ready to enter a new market segment with Reeling and Mining cables. We cover a lot of different applications such as reeling, festoon, spreader, mining and lift cables,” said Mr. Oliver.

As an expert in the field of drag chains, Mr. Bilal Ismail – Area Sales Manager for Asia from EKD Systems (a sub-brand of HELUKABEL), also attends Mining Vietnam 2024 to share with customers in-depth knowledge in this field.

Ông Bilal và kĩ sư của HELUKABEL Việt Nam đang trao đổi với khách tham quan.
Mr. Bilal and our engineer are discussing with visitors.

We HELUKABEL Vietnam are very happy to welcome many customers and partners at Mining Vietnam 2024. Through meeting with engineers at the event, we hope you have found suitable products and solutions for your business. See you again at the next exhibitions!