TOPSERV® PVC control cable is one of a group of cables that meet the standards and requirements of automated production plants. With the improvements and differences in product structure, it has become the preferred choice in the high-end machine and robot manufacturing industry. Find out more information about the cable right here.

What are control cables?

Control cables are specialized cables, used to transmit power and control functions in the machine system to remote control converters without using electromagnetic waves.

Control cables are used in industry, factory automation, robotic applications, drag-and-drop applications, cranes, airports, and railways. In addition, this type of control cable is applied in building systems, such as fire alarm systems, fire fighting systems, temperature measurement systems, sound systems, and many other applications.

Technical data

Special PVC Motorcable acc. to UL AWM Style 2570 CSA AWM VDE-recognized

  • Temperature range

flexing -0°C to +60°C

fixed installation -20°C to +80°C

  • Nominal voltage

VDE U0/U 600/1000 V

UL/CSA 1000 V

  • A.c. test voltage, 50 Hz, 4000 V
  • Minimum bending radius

flexing 15x cable Ø

fixed installation 5x cable Ø

min. 100.000 cycles

Structure of TOPSERV® PVC control cables

  • Bare copper conductor, acc. to DIN EN 60228

class 5: fine-wire

class 6: extra fine-wire

  • Core insulation

to 6 mm² of halogen-free PP from 10 mm² of PVC

  • Core identification

power supply cores

core 1: black with imprint U/L1/C/L+

core 2: black with imprint V/L2

core 3: black with imprint W/L3/D/L-

control cores

TOPSERV® 108 PVC without control cores

TOPSERV® 112 PVC with 1 control cores

acc. to Siemens

core 1: black with imprint BR1

core 2: white with imprint BR2

acc. to Lenze

core 1: brown with imprint BR1

core 2: white with imprint BR2

TOPSERV®119 PVC with 2 control cores

pair 1: black with number no. 5+6

pair 2: black with number no. 7+8

  • GN-YE conductor
  • Screening of the control cores in pairs wrapped with tinned copper braid
  • Power supply cores laid up with optimal lay length and stabilizing filler
  • Fleece wrapping facilitates sliding
  • Overall screening from tinned copper braid, optimal coverage approx. 85%
  • Outer sheath of PVC
  • Sheath color orange (RAL 2003)
TOPSERV® PVC Cables are equipped with an insulation r to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
TOPSERV® PVC Cables are equipped with an insulation r to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


  • Low capacitance until 6mm² (included)
  • Oilresistant PVC outer sheath
  • Optimum compliance with requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) by approx. 85% coverage from the braided screen
  • These cables are produced to high-quality specifications and conform to the DESINA®-standard
  • The materials used in manufacture are cadmium-free and contain no silicone and free from substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers


PVC sheath flame retardant acc. to DIN EN 60332-1-1 to -1-3 (VDE 0482-332-1-1 to -1-3)


  • The combination of power supply cores with control cores provides ideal temperature protection inside power cables.
  • Precisely installed Servo motors make TOPSERV® PVC control cables effectively applied in highly automated production processes that meet high requirements for durability and quality.
  • The cables are equipped with an insulation r to ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). TOPSERV® PVC cables are manufactured on modern technological lines, meeting VDE, UL, and CSA standards.
  • At the same time, with its durability and superior quality, it is preferred for models of automation machines, the robotics industry, control systems as well as production techniques.

With the great improvement in the research and production process of TOPSERV® PVC control cable, these cables meet the highest standards in robotics and fully automatic equipment control. If you need detailed advice on this product line or need to know more technical issues related to electrical connection technology, please contact our engineers.

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